There should be no doubt that when we talk about social networks we immediately think about seeing the photos or videos that our contacts have posted on it. This is one of its main attributes, being able to show your publications in images.

But many users still forget the importance of uploading a well-taken photo. And the main reason for this article is to teach you how to optimize the resolution of my photos or images for social networks.

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It is that if we want to upload content on our social networks, for the promotion of our business or product. It is more important, since our followers will be able to have a sharper and better quality image than what we offer. And in this way we can sell more using social networks.

Certain considerations must also be taken when uploading a photo, image or video on the networks and it is the format that they must have, as well as the size. Since in each social network you will be very different, in this tutorial we are going to show you how to do this optimization in the most used social networks today, so let’s get started.

How to optimize the resolution of my photos or images for social networks

We are going to tell you what you should do to optimize the resolution in each of the networks and we are going to start with everyone’s favorite social network to upload photos. And it is none other than Facebook , in which you can create an account without problem. This platform since it has more than 2 billion users that connect in the month.

This is also a product of the different groups that are created to connect with companies. Now we will indicate the resolution that the images you upload should have, depending on the place or section of Facebook you use. We will start with the profile photo , which must have a measurement of 180 x 180 P, instead the cover image must be 851 x 315 P.

Now if it is about the square images of the posts, these should be 1200 x 1200 P, instead the images of the link posts should be 1200 x 628 P. Now, if we talk about the group cover photos, this should be 1640 x 856 P.

In the case of uploading a cover video, it must have measures of 820 x 642 P and its duration must range between 290 and 90 seconds. Of course these resolution measurements are for the desktop version of Facebook.

Now we are going to see what measures we must take into account in the mobile version of this platform. Profile image must be 32 x 32P and cover images must be 560 x 315P.

How to optimize the resolution of my photos or images on Instagram

If we talk previously about Facebook and its popularity, one of the social networks that is on everyone’s lips at the moment is Instagram. Although this platform has among its great features an image size optimizer. It is important that the images or photos that we upload have the highest possible resolution .

Then the measurements that the profile photo must have is 150 x 150 P, the image that we are going to use in the horizontal posts must have 1080 x 566 P. On the other hand, the image that we will use for the square posts must have a dimension of 1080 x 1080 P. in the case of the measurements for the images in the vertical post must have 1080 x 1350 P.

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In the case of Instagram stories, the images must be 750 x 1334 P, and in the case of uploading videos, they must be 640 x 640 P and a duration of 60 seconds. As you can see, there are certain technical specifications that we do not know and allow us to show a profile with a high quality of images and video.

In this way we show you how simple it can be to optimize the resolution of my photos or images for social networks.

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