Not all people can understand the way their computer works. When purchasing a computer, one is very careful with the qualities it possesses. However, how well it performs is still not fully understood. Today you will learn how to monitor the temperature and usage of FPS, CPU, GPU and RAM with MSI Afterburner .

It is a really interesting tool. It will surely catch the attention of more than one gamer, due to the information it provides. If you want to know more about it, enjoy this enriching read.

High performance computers

There are many types of computers today with various characteristics. Each computer is built for a special function . Then, its main characteristics can be improved or devalued depending on the pieces you place or remove.

When it comes to complicated and heavy design programs, audiovisual content and video games, the computer must be special. From the storage capacity of the hard drive, through the RAM, graphics card, among others.

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But even when you are certain that the computer meets the basic requirements, you may notice some flaws. The computer slows down when executing an action, freezes, etc.

For what reason does this happen? How can you measure the performance of your computer while running these programs? You don’t need to be a technician to optimize CPU speed. Much less do you need a technician to explain what the GPU is or how to free up and optimize the RAM.

Make it easy with MSI Afterburner

Luckily for many, MSI Afterburner has come to help you get to know your computer more accurately. It is a software that analyzes and provides details of your computer, mainly the graphics card .

Now, not for nothing is this software among the best programs to measure the performance of my PC. Its functions and tools go far beyond simply providing information about your CPU.

In addition to monitoring the temperature and usage of FPS, CPU, GPU and RAM, MSI Afterburner helps stabilize your computer . In this way, while you run heavy programs, the program seeks to find the parameters so that the performance of the computer is excellent.

As it does?

MSI Afterburner has the ability to overlock your graphics or video card. From there you can manipulate the operation of this and other elements. That is, it is not only monitoring the temperature and use of FPS, CPU, GPU and RAM, it controls.

This software is used mainly to make your computer work beyond its capabilities . Of course, it does so by concentrating the energy and power of each of its characteristics.

However, the program can also help save energy and that some sectors of your computer do not suffer as much. In other words, it establishes parameters so that the computer always works below its capabilities. This action is also known as downclocking.

Proceed to monitor your PC

To learn more about the settings of your computer while running certain programs or games, you must have MSI Afterburner installed. If you don’t have it yet, don’t wait any longer, download and install it!

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Once the software is installed, you just have to run it. In the MSI Afterburner interface you will see a gear icon. Click on it to enter the settings.

  1. Click on the “Monitoring” tab.
  2. Mark the values or properties that you want to display.
  3. Make the changes you consider necessary in “Properties of the graph GPU load”. There you can select text, fonts and colors.
  4. Click “Apply” and then “OK.”

All ready!

To learn more about the graphics or video card what it is for, this software is spectacular. Not only do you learn about how to know or measure the temperature of the CPU, but it improves its performance significantly .

And how it does it! If you have a problem because you don’t know what to do if the MSI Afterburner does not show the CPU temperature, check the settings again . Do not be afraid to explore your options, only then will you learn to manipulate this software with precision.

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