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A responsible father would never leave his children in the company of strangers. Well, we can say that when we let our children unleash with the nets, we could be placing them in those circumstances, without wanting to. For this reason, many of us would like to know: how can I monitor my child’s Facebook and Messenger without him realizing it?

And is that for many parents the simple fact of managing a social network like Facebook and its derivative Messenger is somewhat complicated. In particular, when comparing our abilities and skills with those of our children, who tend to advance us a lot in the knowledge of these networks.

Many parents are aware of the dangers of social media and want to prevent them. They worry that their children spend so many hours alone on the internet . However, they end up giving in to the constant insistence of their children. In the end, it ends up being inevitable that our children turn to social networks, because they know everything about the operation of Smartphones and computers.

By not being able to prevent it, the best thing is to know how to monitor our children’s Facebook and Messenger , to know how they use these social networks.

It is the responsibility of parents to protect them from any danger, and there is no doubt that children are especially susceptible. Having control over these networks will give us greater peace of mind and will allow us to be alert to the threats to which the little ones are exposed.

How to monitor my child’s Facebook and Messenger without my knowing it

This issue raises another issue, that related to privacy to which our children may be entitled. Some people consider that monitoring social media could be an invasion of their privacy.

monitorear las redes sociales de los hijos

But it is the duty of all parents to ensure the integrity of their children and be alert to what they do on social networks to protect their children.

There are tools to improve security on social networks such as Facebook and Messenger, without our children even noticing.

Of course, this should not replace the importance of frank and open communication with children about the dangers of the internet. But it is very useful when we cannot be physically close to them, which is when they can be most vulnerable.

One of these tools is the Spyzie application, with which you can monitor your children’s Facebook and Messenger accounts. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems, and only requires internet access from the mobile. This application can be of great help to monitor Facebook messages, photos, contacts, profiles and more.

How can I install Spyzie to monitor my child’s social networks without them noticing?

All you need is to download the application and install it on the mobile you want to monitor, and thus you can “spy on” the child’s behavior. It is even good to know how to detect fake profiles on social networks so that your child does not trust and accept them believing they are family. Below you will see the process of downloading and installing this parental control tool.

  • Create a Spyzie account with the email address in which you will be allowed to log in.
  • Install the application , for which you must provide information about the mobile to spy.
  • Configure the application following this pattern: “Settings”> “Security”> “Lock screen and security”> “Unknown sources”> “Ok”.
  • Login to the Spyzie account and as soon as you do, the application icon will no longer be visible. The system will ask you for permissions to access: photos, multimedia content, files, manage the device and start monitoring.

Once the download and installation process is complete, you must log into Spyzie from another device, thus being able to monitor your child’s Facebook and Messenger, among other social networks.

monitorear hijos al usar facebook

Spyzie has a control panel that gives you access to photos, messages, contact lists, your child’s Facebook profile , and more. Remember that for this application to work properly, both devices must have internet access.

In the ‘Lawyer for families’ video you can find out under what premises or circumstances you can access your children’s Facebook.

Controlling my youngest child’s Facebook

As the risks of the Internet increase, such as cyberbullying or cyberbullying, there will be a need to prevent it with the use of these monitoring applications . Especially in networks like Facebook, in which personal information is exposed to people of all ages.

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