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The dream of many children before was to be able to earn money playing video games, now, thanks to the Twitch application, that dream is a reality. This platform allows you to broadcast your games to your community and generate money if it is large.

Monetizing your Twitch channel is not as simple as it seems, but there are several alternatives so that you can generate income by playing video games.

Obviously you must have certain characteristics and skills that attract people and convince them to subscribe, such as grace, eloquence, ability to narrate and, of course, video game console and skill in them.


The main way Hombre jugando un videojuego s of making money with Twitch is with the affiliate and partner program; However, in the next article we will explain all the existing ways to monetize Twitch strams.

Requirements before you can monetize your Twitch account

The first step in trying to monetize your Twitch account is to create a community that consumes your content , since it is useless to transmit for hours, if no one will see the transmissions.

Creating a stable community can be the most difficult step since you must have a presence on social networks to attract more public. In the same way, it is advisable to participate in the community and in chats with other Twitchers to try to gain followers.

When you have a good number of followers, you can start generating income, in addition, this will open a series of doors for you to get other ways to monetize your Twitch account.

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Affiliate program

This is the first and easiest way to earn income with Twitch streams , but to access the affiliate program you must meet a series of requirements.

The first thing you should get is 50 followers , then you must comply with a set of transmission hours, where you will have to reach 8 hours during 30 days, spread over 7 different days, and also, you must have an average of at least 3 viewers .

With the affiliate program you can earn income in different ways, first of all, the program allows you to offer your followers a VIP subscription that has a monthly cost. Each user who becomes a VIP will have a series of special benefits.

The platform will keep a part of the money and the rest will be for you. Another method to get money with this program is with bits, which is a virtual currency that users can buy to encourage you, and then exchange it for real money.

Partner program

This program also requests a series of requirements similar to the previous program but much more stringent and difficult to achieve, since they will ask you for 25 hours of transmission during 30 days , spread over 12 different days and have an average of 75 viewers.

By participating in this program, you receive part of the profits that the platform receives from its advertisers . That is, you will receive a percentage for each ad that is shown in your streams.

It should be noted that the income generated will vary based on multiple factors. However, accessing this program is quite complex, since you have to go through an evaluation process, so nothing guarantees that you will be chosen.


This is another alternative to generate income on Twitch and consists of generating a button in which users can make donations through platforms such as Paypal or others. This alternative is very useful for new channels, finding another way to finance themselves and motivating them to continue producing content for the platform.


This method is not directly involved with Twitch , but it is with what you can achieve thanks to Twitch. If you reach a good number of subscribers, different brands could contact you to offer you all kinds of businesses and collaborations.

This way of generating income can become the most profitable of all, since it can range from the use of sponsored products and receive money for using them in transmissions, to making trips and paid tournaments and documenting it in the transmissions of your channel .

Merchandising sale

This can become a very profitable business for you as a creator of a brand, if you form a solid community you can start offering products of your brand , it can be anything, from sweatshirts, caps, jackets and even shoes.

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