How many positive things technology has given away! One of the most significant contributions has to do with the automation of activities. That is, you can perform a certain action in an extremely simple way.

In this sense, the reach of mobile devices has been extraordinary. To prove it, today you will learn how to measure the height of a person or object with the Android or iPhone camera .

Each operating system has implemented these types of functions or tools in its own way. And it is something that, the best thing, would be to make the most of the world. That is why here you will have the opportunity to contemplate the options to measure what you want … with your phone!

The use of smartphones today

Without a doubt, smartphones have been one of the biggest and best contributions of the technological age. It not only deepens the immediacy of establishing communication with people who may be far away. But it also provides a variety of excellent tools.

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The use of these devices was gradually deepening, especially in the academic and work areas. But today, it is used for much simpler or more complicated tasks. From using my Smartphone as a remote control to measuring the height of a person or object with the camera.

Devices with augmented reality

Is this possible on any Smartphone? While this feature is available on both Android and iOS devices , they require augmented reality technology.

In Android cell phones, for example, you can find this technology from the Samsung Galaxy S7, Huawei P20 or Google Pixel. While in Apple it is possible on iPhone SE, 6s and iPad from fifth generation onwards.

This just means that the devices that preceded the ones mentioned above cannot meet this goal. So, for this, you have to buy a Smartphone more recent than the aforementioned models.

How do I do it?

Measuring the height of a person or object with the camera is quite simple. You just need the right applications for it. In the following paragraphs you will have the possibility to contemplate the available options.

On Android

For users of the Android operating system, there are extraordinary applications to measure the height of a person or object with the camera. The advantage of this operating system is that you can acquire the applications through an alternative route to Google Play . Yes, we are talking about APK files.

However, you can install the recommended applications through the medium of your choice. If you decide on APKs and have problems, don’t worry! It is easy to know why I cannot install Apk applications on my Android mobile.

  • ARuler : The most powerful application on Google Play. Distances, angles, volumes, whatever you want. Its powerful augmented reality technology will allow you to know the details of everything. Just start the application and focus on the object to be measured. Indicate the measurement points and you’re done. You will be surprised by its precision!
  • 3D Plummet : Another application that, although shallower than the first, is quite effective. Focus on the object from a good angle and the application takes care of supplying you with as much information as possible.

On iPhone

Apple devices have not been far behind this incredible augmented reality technology either. These Smartphone are special for the quality and versatility of the camera. Changing or setting the resolution of my iPhone’s camera is extremely simple and important.

app arruler android

Problems? Don’t worry … you will find the necessary advice to fix my iPhone applications that are not downloaded or updated here. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the app.

  1. Open the “Measure” app, select the object and start moving the device following the instructions on the screen.
  2. Once you have reached the end point of the measurement, click on the “Add” icon.

Extremely simple!

With these simple steps you can now measure the height of any person or object you want. It doesn’t matter which operating system you are using. Use your Android or iOS device to get the most out of augmented reality technology .

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