Time is a precious commodity and if we often work with Microsoft Office documents, this topic will surely interest you. How to make Word and Excel start faster on a Windows PC . We always find a way to facilitate your daily tasks. Step by Step we will teach you ways to save time when starting any office program.

Common routines

If you are going to open a Word or Excel document for example, the long way would be to open the browser and start searching for the document in the folders until you find it. Another way would be to create a shortcut on the desktop. But, if you are working with more than 20 documents, it is cumbersome and annoying to search for it on the desktop with the rest of the icons. And aesthetically speaking, it’s visually messy to have so many shortcuts on the desktop.

In view of these mitigations, if you have considered creating only the office program shortcut on the desktop, it is valid. But here we will teach you an even faster method than double-clicking the mouse on the icon, with which you will see that it will increase the speed at which Microsoft Office starts.

Quick start in Windows 10 and 7

The most efficient way to start any program is with keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts. This can be used in any Microsoft Office program (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.).

atajo por teclado para tener un inicio eficiente


  1. In the explanation we will refer to Word as the reference program, but the instructions are applicable to any Office program . First locate the Word shortcut, on the taskbar or in the start menu. If you don’t have it, find the executable program (Word.exe) in the folder explorer or if you have any of its alternatives installed. It is located inside the Microsoft Office folder. Select the program and with the right mouse button choose “task bar” or “start menu”. This way you anchor the program.
  2. If Word is already pinned to the taskbar, right-click on Word. If it reflects documents from this program, do not select it. Just right click on the program.
  3. Then click on “Properties”. Activate the “Direct Access” tab.
  4. In the field that says “Shortcut key:”, with the keyboard choose the key with which you want to run Word. For example: If you press the “W” key, it will reflect the combination “ctrl + alt + w”. If you want it more abbreviated, you can try with the keys “*”, “+”. Just pressing it will run the program . Faster than double clicking.

Startup settings and preferences

Up to this point the program will open instantly. However, some users Word or any Office program opens with Start Screen. That includes a list of recent documents and other options.

  • If you want Word to open in a new document ready to work, this is what you have to do. Go to “File” and then “Options.”
  • In the “General” tab, you go to the “startup options” section.
  • Uncheck or uncheck the box that says ” Show home screen when I start this app .” And then the “OK” button.

manera de configurar el inicio rapido

Now when you start Word you will go directly to the blank document. If you still want to optimize the start of the program and make its execution faster. Next, we will teach you some extra tricks:

  • Go to “File” and press “options.”
  • Click on “add-ons.” On the right screen, find the “Manage” field and select “COM Add-ons” and click the “Go” button. A window appears with a list of add-ons. We verify that generic plugins are consuming resources , which makes it run slower.
  • If the list is reflected to you, you just have to uncheck the add-on box and click “accept”.

With these changes, your Office program should open quickly and lightly, because it no longer has add-ins that delay its execution. With all this knowledge you can save a lot of time when opening them . These are tips that help you optimize your routines on the computer more and more. Even improve or speed up Windows startup. Write your comments to know your opinion.

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