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There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most used social networks to do business and sell products. But there are certain tricks that can help us improve our Instagram marketer skills. Like, for example, putting Instagram links on Facebook, in a few steps.

For example, if you want to know how to make proper and strategic use of links on Instagram and thus have better advertising, here we explain how to do it.

Using the links that we can put on Instagram correctly can help us to be better and better in business. In fact, we can have a much better publicity . You will not regret to continue reading and discover how to get much more out of the marketing tools that Instagram offers us.

How to make proper use of Instagram links?

Although today it is very easy to sell and do business virtually, there are still certain details that must be taken into account to achieve true success in this area. And this is not the exception in the case of Instagram, since, depending on how we use certain links and where we put them, our success will be great or small.

For example, if we have a web page that we want to advertise, we can redirect traffic to it with the help of the links we put on Instagram. We can even easily add links on Instagram Stories for our followers to see.

If we include links in our publications and make good use of the advertising tools of this social network, we will improve the number of visits to our website. But how to do it? Now we will show you what you can do to achieve it easily

Where can we locate the links?

The place where we put the links that we want to advertise on Instagram is very important. In fact, this will depend on how many people can see them correctly. Here are tips for you to use Instagram links appropriately and strategically.

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First of all, a great place to link on Instagram is in your bio. If you are promoting a product, website or service on your Instagram account, you can put the link to the website you want from your biography, which is a part of your page that everyone will undoubtedly see.

We also recommend that you use link trimmers like Bitly to improve the appearance of the link that you are going to put in your biography.

Another place where you can put the links you want in the stories or Instagram stories. Thanks to this powerful tool that the social network offers us, you can draw much more attention from those who visit your account, in addition to offering interactive details that do much better, such as Gifs.

But something you must remember if you want to post links on your Instagram stories, is that you must have a verified account or 10,000 or more followers. You can also put the links of your social networks on your YouTube channel, so that everyone can see what you are offering.

Only then can you use links by which you can redirect traffic to other web pages directly through the stories. Otherwise, you should encourage those who see your stories to scroll up to see more information about the website you promote.

In what other ways can you put links on Instagram?

There are still other ways you can link on Instagram whenever you want. For example, you can put links in the publications that you put in your account. Although you cannot put clickable links in this way, you can write the URL of the site you are promoting and encourage people to visit it.

You can also use Instagram Shopping to include the links you want. This is perfect if you sell a product , as you will encourage people to go to a web page with just one click where they can get the product for sale much easier.

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To do so, you need to have an Instagram business account , sell physical products, among other requirements.

Another option is to invest in Instagram Ads in which you can promote the link of the website you want. In summary, we hope that all this information can be useful to you, and that you can share the link of your Instagram account with as many followers as possible.

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