Como crear o redactar una carta de petición

A request letter is a written request . In general, it is in the public interest, although it is usually used for example to ask a public entity for information, an interview.

How to Make or Write a PETITION LETTER in Few Minutes

For employment terms a letter of request can be used to request a raise or request information of some kind within the company, necessary to carry out a work activity.

Learn to create a petition letter from scratch

  • Open the Word application on your PC
  • Select the Create a blank document option.

Prepare your document before you begin

  • Before starting to draft the document, first make sure that the margins are set correctly . Click on the Layout tab – Margins button and select the Normal option.
  • Choose the size of the document , according to the sheet you are going to use to print. The most widely used standards are letter and A4 size. Choose a format according to your needs.
  • Choose the font for the document. The standard typeface used for documents is usually Arial 12. It is a readable and readable typeface.

Preparar un documento antes de redactar

Write the letter of request

  • Write the place and date of the document , at the time of writing the letter. The place and date are usually separated by a comma and the date, month and year must be observed in the date format. An example of how it would look like “Mérida, August 15, 2019”
  • This line should be aligned to the right of the document. To align text to the right, select the Home tab – align right button ( Ctrl + D )
  • Enter the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed. The letter can also be addressed to a company or institution
  • Just below the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed, the position held by the person should be placed.
  • Both the text of the person’s name and the position they occupy must be aligned to the left of the document. To align the text to the left, select the Home tab – Align Left button ( Ctrl + W ).
  • To start the letter, put the word Present.
  • Begin the first paragraph with a formal greeting to the person to whom the letter is addressed. Write briefly what you are asking for . Be very specific with your request, so that there are no doubts of any kind.
  • In the second paragraph of the text you must explain what are the reasons that led you to make the request . Show your arguments and how the action of the request can mean added value.
  • Add a final paragraph of farewell addressed to the recipient of the letter and indicate that you are waiting for a response from them.
  • End with the word Sincerely
  • The paragraphs of the content of the letter should be justified so that they look better distributed and organized. To justify the paragraphs , shade the text you want to change with the cursor. Click on the home tab – Justify button ( Ctrl + J ).

Identify who wrote the letter

  • Enter your full name and your identification document number . The name of the identification document depends on the country where you are. In some places it is known as a DNI, in others as a cédula.
  • If the letter is made for work purposes, you can place the position you occupy within the company , just below your name.
  • Lastly, put a solid line above your name. This line will be used to indicate in the printed document the place where the signature of the person writing the letter goes. To make a continuous line press the Shift + Dash (-) key.
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