These days it is very convenient to learn to use the Office text editor and get the most out of it. That is why in this short tutorial we are going to teach you how to make or create an activity schedule in Word.

How to Make or Create an ACTIVITY SCHEDULE in Word Step by Step

The Word text editor turns out to be a very versatile tool when it comes to carrying out our study work or work outlines, for our thesis or any document that we want to do.

We are going to show you step by step how you, without being an expert working with the Word text editor, can make schedules. You will see it is extremely simple and it is a matter of practice, like everything in life and becoming an expert.

Well, without wasting time, let’s learn how to make or create an activity schedule in Word .

How to create an activity schedule

To start explaining the steps to follow, we must enter the Word program and select a blank document. We must mention that the steps that we will describe here are basic and easy to do, for this reason you can use it for other projects where you need to include tables .

Well let’s start, having our sheet blank we go to the insert tab, if it is not fixed we can anchor it. Being in the insert tab, we make a clip in the table and we can select the number of rows and columns we want. There is also a tab that says insert table and you can put the number of rows and columns that your table will contain.

cronograma actividades

After selecting the number of columns and rows, in our example we are going to choose 6 columns, since we want to make a schedule of activities from Monday to Friday.

And the number of rows will depend on the different activities you are going to do these days. Then in the first column we put activities and in the subsequent ones the days of the weeks.

You must take into account that you can give a specific width to each column, this is achieved by placing the pointer on the line that separates each column and dragging. In this way you can give the desired size to each of the columns, this will allow you to write all the information in each row.

This procedure can also be done in another way so that the columns have the same width. We do this by placing the pointer, a little above the first column that we want to match, we clip at this point, hold and drag to the last column then we release and everything is selected.

Then, I place the pointer over the shaded area and make a clip with the right mouse button, a small window will appear and we choose the option to place the width we are looking for. Either some columns larger than others or all with the same width. It all depends on how you want your schedule to look.

Emptying of information and editing to make the schedule of activities

As we already mentioned, we are going to make a schedule of the activities that we are going to carry out during the week. Having done this, we now proceed to place the different activities that we are going to carry out and begin to empty all the information on our table. Now we can only place or indicate which days of the week these activities will be carried out.

cronograma word

For this step, we clip in the cell that matches the activity and the day of the week then we go to Table Tools then in design and select Shading . A small table of colors will appear and we choose. So we can select, to make each activity coincide with the day or days of the week.

Another way to give our table an air of greater sophistication to the design, will be by selecting the table, for that we clip in any area of it, a small box will appear in the upper left corner, we clip in that place and we will it will shade the entire table. We go back to Table Tools then Design and there you can choose the one you like the most.

As you will see, your table has a more elegant appearance, if you want to make some additional changes with respect to the measurements of your table. You just have to select , go to Start, go to Paragraph and edit .

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