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A letterhead is a type of printed material well known around the world. It is very important because the professionalism and credibility of the document are involved, and therefore that of the individual or company that makes such a document. It is necessary to know that the necessary data that go inside a letterhead may vary according to the country.

How to MAKE or Create a NAMED SHEET in Word – Free

Making one in Word is quite simple even for those who do not use this application frequently. You just have to become familiar with the tools necessary to prepare the document and the rest of the preparation will already be part of the creativity and good taste of the person.

How to create a letterhead in Word?

Having Word open (if you don’t have Word installed yet, you can go to its official website and download it), with the sheet of a certain size open, we start by putting a heading on it. To do this, we go to the ¨Insert¨ tab and then click on the ¨ Header ¨ button, where a series of options will be displayed to choose the type of heading.

Among them we can choose a simple one in white, another in white with three columns, with soft, grid, facet for an even or odd page, or any other. Another method to do this is simply by double clicking on that part of the page, the header will immediately appear. The same goes for the footer.

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Customize heading of a letterhead in Word

If we have a design for our header , we can add it to the sheet by clicking on the “Images” option in the “Insert” tab. There we can search among the files on the PC for the image that will style the header.

While on the image, we go to the “Format” tab and click on “Adjust text” to place the image behind the text.

We look for the logo in ” Images” and insert it. Again we are going to ” Wrap text” to place the image behind it. We edit the size as we see it best. Once we do it now we must insert a text, for this we can use a delimiting line where to put it so that in this way it looks more aesthetic.

This line is totally optional, as well as the style that we want to give it. We can take into account that we can change the thickness, color and length of said line according to our taste. In relation to this, it is also useful to learn to make lines in Word, and you can learn to make various types of lines with the keyboard.

To add the slogan (Optional)

For this we will need to insert a text box in the header . While in the “Insert” tab, we click on “Text box”, where a series of options will be displayed, from which we will choose the simple text box. In this box we will write the slogan and we can edit its appearance at the beginning.

There we can change the font, size, color and other characteristics. For more details we can enter the format and eliminate the fill and outline of the shape or change the color if we wish.


To start designing the footer, we double click on the end of the Word sheet. The footer will appear immediately, it is quite similar to the header when editing it as mentioned at the beginning.

We can place a background similar to the header. Either searching among the images that are downloaded to the computer, or creating it yourself using the figures in Word. Also, the occasion may arise where you need to hide the header and footer.

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To do this, we click on “Insert”, and we look for a rectangular shape according to our taste. The rest of the details such as color, contour, gradient, or texture are adjusted in the “Format” tab that appears when we click on the shape.

As certain details such as address, company name, or phone number usually go in this part, a simple text box is inserted. To change the appearance of the text, follow the same procedure as mentioned in the previous point

And that’s how simple it is to create a letterhead in Word . The time it takes to do it depends on your skill in this application when handling the different tools, and of course on the amount of detail that you want to add.

Ideally, you can continue learning how to take advantage of these types of tools, use all the functions and even learn to use Word’s shortcuts can be very helpful in our work.

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