hacer una casa moderna de Hormigon en minecraft

One of the reasons why Minecraft has become so popular within the gamer community is because of the creative and construction skills that are part of its system. Today we know that it is possible to create a modern concrete house within the game, in order to make it our home.

It should be noted that this can be done in both “Survival” and “Creative” modes, since the materials are available in both .

Even though there are many ways a home can be built within the game, the idea of giving it a modern and expensive look can get a lot of attention from our friends. Besides giving us a feeling of comfort.

How to Make an Amazing Modern Concrete House in Minecraft Very Easy!

This is also related to the materials used. Since you can really use anything you can imagine, but creating a modern concrete house will surely add a special and aesthetic touch to the construction. Also, before starting to build your concrete house, it is important that you have the Minecraft launcher.

Creating a tutorial on how to build a house in Minecraft is quite a particular topic, but today we will give you a series of tips that will help you get the result you expect .

Materials you can use to create a modern concrete house

Since the main material to build the house is concrete, you should know that this is obtained when a block of cement and water is mixed.

It should be noted that the component with which it comes into contact must be water . Well, rainwater or similar particles will be unable to create this type of product.

Materiales que puedes utilizar para crear una casa moderna de hormigon

Homes generally have a color, which makes them stand out and in turn complement a specific design style. One of the greatest benefits of concrete is that it has the possibility of obtaining it in 16 different colors .

Therefore, if you would like your modern concrete house to have a series of specific colors, you should know that you have chosen the correct material to build it.

With regard to complementary materials that can help you create the ideal home, you can consider wooden floors of any hue, especially for interiors.

When speaking outside, it depends on your taste, because you can create garden blocks or finish covering the space with stone, preferably in an artistic way.

Other essential elements would be windows, lighting, stairs (in the case of being on two floors), the protective fence from enemies (in case of playing in “Survival”), among other materials.

As we mentioned before, these are only a series of tips, since everything will depend on your taste and style to carry out the construction.

What style of modern concrete house can you create?

Many “modern house” concepts are made up of neutral colors. Which go hand in hand with natural aspects and the intervention of stone or wood. That is why if it fits between your tastes, using a combination of these elements can give you the desired result. All so that you can finally enter and enjoy it with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Because everything will depend on the planning you have done for your design, you can choose to create a modern concrete house spacious enough to cover all the areas that you would like to have in your home.

el estilo de casa moderna de hormigon puedes crear

On the other hand, there is also the option of creating small spaces and dividing them into several floors. So you can have a balcony and an incredible view from the second floor.

Also, and only if it depends on your tastes, you can form a garden in front of or behind your house. The natural aspects always stand out and give a better taste to the spaces .

Another very attractive idea is to add a pool or a place to be outside. It will depend on the use you give it, but for aesthetic purposes it complies correctly.

Finally, you must take into account that lighting is also an important factor within these constructions. Well, that way you can keep the “Creepers” away .

In this interesting way you can start to design your modern concrete house in Minecraft, which is also available for mobile devices such as Android, so you can also comfortably build your home there.

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