redactar una Carta de permiso

In the labor field there are a series of norms and protocols that are necessary to follow to keep a record of everything that changes the work routine . To be absent from work, it is necessary to inform the company by means of a permit request letter.

How to Make a LETTER Requesting PERMISSION to Leave Work

In this tutorial, we are going to explain step by step how to write the request for a permit, in case you have to be absent from work. Either due to a personal problem, some last minute emergency or a force majeure problem that forces you to miss work.

How to write a permit request letter

The purpose of the letter is to explain in writing the reasons why you are absent from work . The letter remains as a file in your registry as a worker in case you have to justify those days of absence in the future.

Preparation of the document

  • On your PC, open the Word application and select the option to create a document from scratch .
  • Before starting with the letter set the margins of the document are well configured. Click the Layout tab – Margins. Select the normal option.
  • Select the type of paper the document should have. The type of paper should match the type of sheet you are going to use for printing. In the margins option, select the custom margins option.
  • In the Page Setup window select the paper tab and choose the A4 paper option.
  • Choose the font and font size for your document. The type of font that is usually used to write this type of document is Arial in size 12.

Content of the permit request letter

  • Starting the letter, you must enter the place and date of the moment in which you write the letter. The date format is ” DD of the month of YYYY ” and it would read as follows : Valencia, November 16, 2019.
  • The date text must be aligned to the right of the document. Select the Home tab – Align Right button (Ctrl + D).
  • Change the alignment of the text to the left in Start – Align Left button (Ctrl + W) and write the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed . Usually that person is your direct boss.
  • On the following line, enter the position held in the company by the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  • It begins with the word PRESENT, to start the content of the letter.
  • The paragraphs of the letter must be justified. To justify the text, select the Home tab – Justify button (Ctrl + J).
  • In the first paragraph write a short introduction explaining that you want to be absent from your job and for how long you will not be available.
  • In the second paragraph, explain why you are going to be absent . You must be quite specific and detail the reasons why you cannot attend work. Either due to an illness, accident or the death of a relative.
  • Explaining the reason for your absence is essential . If you have to take more than one paragraph to do it, you can do it as long as it does not lose the brevity character that a letter of this type has.
  • To finish, write a final paragraph of farewell . This is a good opportunity to send a greeting to the recipient of the letter.

Finalize the request letter

  • It ends on a line with the text Sincerely , to end the letter and imply that you are waiting for an answer.
  • Create a solid line with the dash. The combination of the keys Ctrl + Dash (-).
  • Finish with your full name and your identification number . The name of the identification document will be different according to the country where you live. This text should be centered along with the line you previously created.
  • To center the text, select the Center button on the Home tab (Ctrl + T)

crear carta de permiso para ausentarse del trabajo

The final result should be more or less similar to the one shown in the image. Your letter is now ready to print in black and white.

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