At first when the page began to take its first steps and we are talking about Twitch, it was a little easier to attract followers to be part of your community. Now the competition is tougher and we have to use different tools to stand out from the rest. That is why next we are going to show you how to make a banner for my Twitch profile. How big does it have to be?

And the title of this article can generate some questions, such as the use of a banner. And as we told you, it is not necessary but essential if we want to gain followers on our channel. Since if we are monetizing the streams, it is logical that we want to increase our audience and thus gain bits.

How To Make A Banner For My Twitch Profile How Big Does It Have To Be?

So in this article we are going to reveal some questions that may arise from the use of banners on Twitch. This type of customization of our channel is very striking and it is necessary that we know how to make a banner for my Twitch profile. How big does it have to be? And then we will tell you what you should do.

How to make a banner for my Twitch profile How big does it have to be?

But before getting into the subject, we want to explain first what a banner on the Twitch profile is. When you have created a channel you can add an image or banner on the video player that will be shown when you click on the channel name. This banner is intended to tell your followers information about the channel.

This banner will have the specifications that you decide and we are talking about the type of image that is displayed, as well as the color, size and style of the letters . But if the banner is not the correct size, it will not be shown properly to your followers. In this sense, if we talk about the size that the banner should have on our Twitch profile, it will be the following.

banner perfil twitch

It is recommended that the banner has a minimum of 1200 x 480 pixels , but you must bear in mind that the size of the banner depends on the scaling of the user’s browser window. In case you place a banner with resolutions lower than the recommended one, it will be elongated and sometimes pixelated, so try to use this parameter.

Another thing you should know is that a profile photo is very different from a profile banner, although both are displayed on the video player. The photo remains permanently, and its details are few, in addition its aspect ratio is 1: 1. And it can be seen perfectly with low resolution without problems.

Steps to make a banner for my Twitch profile

First go to the official Twitch page and start your session, now you will go to the upper right corner and click on the profile icon. This action will generate a menu from which you are going to choose the Configuration option . And then you must select Channel Settings.

Now it will show several options that you can configure as Profile Image and Profile Banner , in our case we are going to choose the latter. And we are going to click on the Update option, this action will generate a pop-up window to appear on the screen. Which will ask you to upload a photo, this must be saved on your PC.

Online we can find many pages that offer us different images that we can use as a banner and many of them we can customize to our liking. Now once you choose the banner of your liking and have taken into account the size specifications.

banner tamano twitch

If you want your channel to have a professional touch and gain more followers, we recommend that you add a banner to your Twitch profile. In this way, when they enter your channel to see your live shows, they will be impressed and cause a positive effect on them. And in this way we show you how to make a banner for my Twitch profile.

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