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Listening to music is one of the pleasures of life, unfortunately this taste is not always at our fingertips for free. And if it is free, it is not as comfortable to use as it has limitations such as the need to be linked to an Internet connection .

How to Listen to Music without Internet for FREE

If you are a music fan and want to know a way to listen to it without the Internet, you are in the right place. If you have a smart device, you can get free apps to listen to or play songs on Android or iOS. These will allow you to listen to your favorite song without being connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How to listen to music without an internet connection easily and for free?

Audiomack is an application for people of any age, it is very popular and has a good reputation. It is completely free , however although it contains ads, you can block or remove these ads on your Android or iOS with an application that can help you.

It is very light , so you will not have memory problems when downloading your music due to the weight of the app. But if you want to save enough songs, you can choose to save your music having a micro SD memory, thus avoiding that your mobile storage is full.

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How to download AudioMack?

You can easily get it in the Play Store by typing its name in the search engine. When clicking on the name of the application, the option to install will be shown immediately, so we press that button to start the download. At the end of the download , click on “open” to enter the application and verify that it has been installed correctly.

How to use AudioMack?

The first thing you will see when you open it is the start, which is in the upper tab “Trending”, next to it you will find others such as “Best songs” and “Best albums”.

In the options menu found in the bottom bar there are more options such as the “Feed”, there is where the user is shown suggestions to follow artists , musical groups or accounts that promote music, to be aware of news.

To follow them, you just have to click on the button with the follow symbol that is displayed next to the artist, or group. In the options menu you can also find the playlist tab, where different songs are shown in series. Just click on one of them to start playing and downloading a list of songs that matches the theme of the list.

In this same menu option, we can find other tabs on the top bar such as “Verified Series”, where you will find the best playlists that most users listen to. You can also find the “Moods” tab, where the songs are classified according to the mood or activity you are going to do.

In the options menu there is also the “search” button, where a navigation bar appears to enter the title of any song. This application has a fairly extensive database , so it is very likely to find any song that we want to search.

How to download songs on Audiomack?

When clicking on a song, it is like any other music player with its options of Pause, Play, forward to the next song or go backwards. Below the name of the song, a series of icons shows, the last one with a down arrow is the download one. Clicking on it immediately starts downloading the song .

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After that you can listen to it without being connected to the Internet. In the application you can also find a list of the songs that you are downloading to your device.

From now on you can listen to your favorite songs wherever you want, whenever you want without any impediment. The mobile phone, more than a communication tool, has also become part of our entertainment and distraction, as is the case with music.

For this reason, most people like to add details that have their own style and personalize the wallpaper . Did you know that you can create your own wallpaper for Android and iPhone? It is something as simple as listening to music for free, without an Internet connection.

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