When we are immersed in the world of online games and we are using such incredible sites as Twitch, our only task is to win. And there is a very cool way to enter other online games to win or obtain items. And we have made the linking of Fortnite to Twitch but in this article we will teach you how to link my Twitch account with Epic Games and Fortnite and earn items.

How to Link my Twitch Account with Epic Games and Fortnite and Earn Items

It is that there is a way to win objects for free only if you link with other gaming platforms, but not only for that they reward you. For example, it is possible to obtain banners if you see certain series of champions. In short, it is a platform that they want everyone who participates in the communities to win by playing and sharing content.

We must always be attentive to all the ways that this Twitch platform offers us so that we can obtain benefits. So we invite you to join us in this tutorial and learn what you should do so that in a very simple way you can link my Twitch account with Epic Games and Fortnite and win items.

How to link my Twitch account with Epic Games and Fortnite and earn items

Before continuing with this small guide it is important that you know that you must have an account both in Epic Games and how to have an account in Fornite. Otherwise this link will be impossible, since only user accounts can be linked. Another important aspect to consider when you join is to know what you can win with it.

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But there are certain requirements that must be met in order for you to receive the reward offered. For example, if you link with Epic Games you can win an emoticon or a graffiti or a backpack accessory. But the channel you are watching must have the Drops activated , otherwise it will be impossible for you to get the reward offered.

Another important point so that you can receive the objects when you link is that if you have already done it and you are more than 6 months old, then you must unlink and do it again. If, on the other hand, you have less than 6 months that you joined, you have no problem. So if you are already more than 6 months old, you must unlink and re-link.

Steps to link my Twitch account with Epic Games

Now the first thing you should do so that you can link your Twitch account with the Epic Games account is to enter the following accounts page to connect. A list of all the accounts available to log in will be displayed and you will choose in this case Epic Games. Once you have started your session in the corresponding account, you go to the top of the screen.

There you will click on the logo where your name appears and then in the accounts option this action will take you to a new window and on the left side you will choose the Connections option. And on the right side you are going to select the button that says Accounts. Now you will be taken to a new window and in it you will see the accounts that you can link, in our case we will search for Twitch and click on Connect.

Now you will be asked to log in to your Twitch account and for this you must enter your email and password. Now you will be shown a message that will indicate that the two accounts are already linked. As you can see, it is a very simple operation to perform and it will not cause you major problems for you to do it.

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In the case of linking with Fortnite, you just have to follow the following link that will show you which channels are participating so that you can opt for the prizes that are offered. It’s very simple and the channel will tell you if you are participating for the prizes.

And that’s how easy and fast you can link your Twitch account with Epic Games and Fortnite and win objects without problem, just take the forecasts that we indicate at the beginning of the article.

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