Through the following guide we will teach you how to know who and how many people saw my Tweet with Twitter statistics . This can be especially useful for users who work with social networks, where reach is everything.

In turn, it is very useful to use SocialBlade on Android to look at statistics on social networks. Space in which very detailed information about accounts in various social networks will be displayed. Without further ado let’s continue with this guide to know the statistics of a tweet.

How to know who and how many people saw my Tweet with Twitter statistics

Twitter is possibly one of the most important social networks in the world and this is largely due to its constant advances. Some of these advances are related to the growing world of social media as a business.

Twitter fully understands that each social network is a space for interaction between influencers, brands and users. Given this, it has integrated certain functions that seek to respond to the needs of those who work with social networks. Similarly, in this world, increasing organic reach on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube is of the utmost importance to improve statistics on the various existing platforms.

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Twitter statistics respond to this need by providing information that can be useful to see the reach of a post on Twitter . To learn more about it, read the information that we present below.

How to view Twitter statistics and what information is there.

Undoubtedly, advertising on social networks for free is one of the great advantages of the 21st century and for them are the statistics of Twitter, to evaluate the performance of interactions. As we pointed out before, Twitter statistics show information related to the publications we make on the platform, that is, with tweets. But first, it will be necessary that you know the method to see these statistics.

View Twitter statistics on your PC and mobile

The process couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is go to your Twitter profile and locate the tweet that you want to evaluate. Below and to the right of the tweet a small icon in the form of graphics will appear. By clicking on it, the information “Tweet activity” will appear, which are precisely the statistics of the publication.

Criteria that appear in the information of Twitter statistics

Indeed, Twitter statistics or tweet activity will show various information that can be useful to see the scope of a publication. But what information is shown in the statistics of the tweets? Please read the following carefully to find out the criteria displayed when viewing tweet information in detail.

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  • Impressions: impressions refer to all those people who saw your tweet, in other words, all the times that your tweet appeared in other people’s feed.
  • Total interactions: this is similar to impressions, in any case, it gives greater assurance of the people who actually saw your tweet or stopped to browse it directly.
  • Open the detail: this refers to the people who clicked on your tweet in order to see the interactions or more information about it.
    Responses: Responses refer to all the comments that were made on your tweet.
  • Re tweets – This refers to how many times your post was Retweeted.
    Like: as the name suggests, here are all the “likes” that people have given to your tweet.
  • Multimedia views: this will only appear if you have shared a video, GIF, image or any other multimedia content. Here it will be indicated the times that people reproduced said content.
  • Clicks on the link: this will only appear if you put a link in your tweet. Here it will be indicated the times that other users have clicked on said link.

When working in the world of social networks , it is often necessary to use YouTube, where it will be beneficial to increase the reproductions of your videos, to reach more people along with your other networks and grow exponentially, as with Twitter.

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