Telegram has very cool functions, in fact, many people use Telegram as a music player and for many other things, but nothing can be done without friends. Therefore, with this guide you will learn how to know which contacts from my WhatsApp have Telegram – Easy and fast , in order to locate all your friends who use this useful application.

How to know which contacts of a my WhatsApp have Telegram

There is a direct way to see which people have Telegram and that is to use the application, in any case, the process to do it directly from Telegram is very simple.

Look at the WhatsApp contacts that have Telegram

The best way to know which WhatsApp contacts have Telegram is by using the application directly. In other words, we will access through Telegram in order to see our contacts present in the app.

contactos whatsapp telegram

Given this, the first thing you should do is open the application, now go to the configuration options . To do this, you must open the options that are located on the left side of the screen. The available settings will be displayed, in this case you must click on “Settings”.

Among the many options available, you must locate the section “Privacy and security”, click on it. Here the options related to the contacts will be displayed, make sure that the option “Synchronize contacts” is enabled.

After doing the previous configuration, it is time to enter the contacts section of the application. In most cases a screen is shown asking you if you want to allow Telegram to access your contacts. Just press “Allow” in order for Telegram to read your mobile contacts.

After the previous configuration, you will be able to see all the contacts stored on your mobile that use the Telegram application, enabling communication with them.

Meet people on Telegram

Telegram is an excellent application, in any case, not everyone uses it, for this reason it is worth taking into account the ways to meet people in the app . Indeed, unlike WhatsApp, meeting people through Telegram is much easier.

usar app whatsapp

In fact, one of the most remarkable features of Telegram is the ability to join groups in which there may be thousands of members. These groups are a great space to meet people with similar interests to ours.

Search for groups of people on Telegram

Searching for people in Telegram is very easy, in fact, the function is integrated by default in both the mobile and desktop versions of the application, as well as other features such as creating a chatbot for Telegram.

All you have to do is click on the search button located in the upper right part of the application. There you write any term of interest to search for groups, immediately when you do, the results of the open groups will be displayed.

You can browse each of the groups by pressing on them and if you have been interested in their information there is always the possibility of joining. To join, just click on the name of the group and locate the option “Join the group” .

By completing the process and joining a group you will be able to see all the publications that are made from that moment. In fact, there is also the possibility of activating notifications , although for large groups it is not recommended.

If you find people you like in these groups, there is the possibility to add them as your friends. At the same time, keep in mind that it is also possible to delete contacts from the Telegram application, in the event that you run into people who are not of your interest

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