PUBG is a very famous Battle Royale video game. In any case, to be competent it is necessary to know tactics such as knowing where you are being shot in PUBG and locating your enemies easily.

Indeed, knowing the ways in which to locate where you are being shot from is very important to improve in the video game. Given this, we have prepared the following guide where we will discuss the basic principles to improve in PUBG.

How to Know Where to Get Shot from in PUBG – Locate Enemies Easily

On the other hand, if you are looking for tutorials for Free Fire, you should know the best tricks of Garena Free Fire. Even so, we will talk specifically about PUBG below.

How to Know Where You Are Being Shot From in PUBG – Locate Enemies Easily

PUBG is a demanding video game , so it is advisable to update the hardware of your old PC if the game does not run well. On the other hand, it will be necessary to know certain aspects to start playing, such as locating your enemies.

There are several ways to locate your enemies and to know where they are shooting at you. Next, we will show you the most common and the aspects that you must take into account to find the enemies in PUBG.


Undoubtedly the most common way to easily find your enemies is through sound. The sound is able to indicate where you are being shot from , being an exceptional tool to have an advantage in PUBG.

Regarding the sound and the shots, it is essential that you have a suitable audio device (speakers or headphones). The truth is that it is best to have good headphones, which are usually the most appropriate for the task.

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A good headset is an excellent option for locating enemies in the game. In this case, the most recommended are the “open” headphones , which are very good for recreating the game scene. Given this, if you really want to improve when playing PUBG, we recommend that you consider buying good headphones.

Analyze the environment to locate your enemies

A good way to easily find your enemies in PUBG is by analyzing the places, that is, looking for a trace of the presence of people. A good way to do this is by analyzing the looting zones or directly observing if doors are left open.

On most occasions when we visit a place in PUBG, signs of our presence are usually left, the same happens with the rest of the players. Given this, properly analyze the environments and seek to always be alert to avoid a surprise attack.

Finally, understanding that PUBG is a Battle Royale, as the area closes it will be necessary to analyze certain aspects. The first one is the number of players remaining, because if you notice that there are many left in a reduced space, surely there are enemies. On the other hand, it is important to stay hidden if necessary and analyze the development of the game.

What to do after knowing where you are shot in PUBG

Once you have properly located your enemies, you must proceed with a plan of attack . For this, you should take into account some tactics, but in general terms it is best to remain cautious and patient to achieve victory.

Use explosives

Undoubtedly, explosives are very useful, since when you throw them you will attract the attention of your enemies and they may end up coming out of hiding . Unlike bullets or shots, enemies will not be able to know where the explosive came from.

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This condition of grenades or other explosives makes them especially useful for finding your enemies in PUBG. Remember, when the battle gets intense, use a good grenade to get the other players’ attention to gain an advantage.

Attack stealthily

Without a doubt, stealth is essential to win a PUBG game, therefore, it is something you should practice. After locating your enemy, it will be necessary to move stealthily and attack in the same way. It is also convenient to activate the automatic firing mode, since this will kill the enemy faster.

Certainly, it is best to use powerful weapons and kill the enemy as quickly as possible. For this purpose, it is best that you practice improving your aim, so that you give an accurate shot.

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