Currently there is a growing demand for video games and especially those that can be played online from a personal computer, console or mobile phone.

In this article we are going to talk about the revolutionary Fortnite, which has become a sensation in a short time and everyone talks about it. But wanting to play it on my computer, the question arises how to know if the Fortnite game runs or is compatible with my PC easily.

juego fortnite compatible pc

Those of us who have played this exciting free survival game , which presents us with different modes and scenarios. It also allows us to measure ourselves against a large number of players. It is undoubtedly the best alternative and which we can play from different platforms, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, devices that work with the iOS operating system.

Another attraction of this game is that it is cross-platform, this means that you can compete from your iPhone against a player who uses a PC. Only those who use PS4 are excluded and in their case they will only be able to compete with each other. And it is for this reason that it is more practical to use a personal computer to play Fortnite.

How to know if the game Fortnite runs or is compatible with my PC easily

It is necessary that you first examine what are the minimum requirements that are essential to be able to run this fantastic game from your PC. Since it is important to know how much Fortnite weighs, let’s see then what are the technical specifications that your PC must have in order to play this formidable game.

For Fortnite to be able to run on your PC it is necessary that you have a 64-bit Windows operating system and it can be 7, 8 or 10. In the case of having a Mac operating system it must be OSX Sierra, this in the case of Software. If we talk about its hardware, the PC must have a 4 GB RAM, an Intel HD 4000 graphics card and a Core i3 2.4 GHz processor.

These technical specifications do not prove that Fortnite is a game that earns many resources from our computer. And not everyone can fulfill them, since it is necessary for the game to be mobile and avoid failures. But what we have just seen are the minimum necessary requirements and there are some recommended requirements to be able to run the game.

What are the recommended requirements to play Fortnite

What does this mean, that if we have met at least the minimum requirements, it is possible that the game still does not run, it presents some kind of problem. Let’s see then what the game developer Epic Games recommends , so that we don’t have any problems.

The operating system recommended by the company is Windows 7, 8 or 10, but always 64-bit, as for the RAM, it must be 8 GB. In addition to having 2 GB VRAM, as for the graphics card, this must be Nvidia GTX 660 OR AMD Radeon HD7870 with DX11 GPU. And as for the processor, this must be Core i5 2.8 GHz.

If you still have any questions regarding the technical information of the game, you can ask your questions on the official game page and they will answer you with pleasure. Do not worry if you have questions regarding this issue as this is very common in beginner users who want to be able to play this game from their PC .

jugar fortnite pc

And there they tend to ask many questions regarding this topic and others, such as which game is better between Fortnite, Free Fire or Pubg. But if your computer does not meet the specifications that the company recommends. We advise you to try to find another way to do it as a video game console or your mobile, as we already said, Fortnite is multiplatform .

And in this way this tutorial ends, very practical and that I teach you a little about the fantastic world of survival games. And how to know if the Fornite game runs or is compatible with my PC.

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