saber si mi telefono iphone esta bloqueado por imei o icloud

If you are interested in acquiring a second-hand Apple phone , you will need to verify if the iPhone is locked through different means that the operating system has enabled for its users.

The company’s products with the symbol of the bitten apple are in high demand worldwide. However, when buying or acquiring a used or second-hand mobile device, we must make sure that everything is in order and that it is not of doubtful origin. That is why in this tutorial you will be able to see in an easy and simple way how to know if your iPhone is locked by IMEI or iCloud before buying it.

How to know if my iPhone Phone is Locked by IMEI or iCloud in Apple?

Find out if iPhone device is locked through iCloud

Activation lock is an advantage that Apple has created to protect devices in case its user has misplaced it.

Whether you want to consult the cell phone model you plan to purchase or prefer to confirm the type of information provided by the seller, everything can be achieved through the IMEI code .

To start this application, you can enter the official website of the Apple company, whose home page has the option “Support” in the top bar.

Descubre si el dispositivo iPhone esta bloqueado a traves de iCloud

Since this company has different types of devices on the market, you will select the “iPhone” option to verify the code provided by the seller.

Once entered into the “Repair Options”, select “Repairs and physical damage” to process a diagnostic request, also entering an excuse as a reason for repair.

While you finish entering the requirements, you will be asked to enter the identification registered in the phone and the IMEI code it has.

If for any reason after you enter the serial number a message of not being able to perform the repair is displayed, it is clearly because the device is blocked.

Use IMEI code to check if iPhone is locked!

The phone’s registration number, which is also known as the IMEI code, is an indispensable tool for device users.

When a person decides to block the cell phone through this sequence of numbers, it is the telecommunications operator who is in charge of processing the request .

There are different pages that will allow you to verify the code provided by the seller. A very useful example is Unlock iPhone IMEI.

Utiliza el codigo IMEI para verificar si el iPhone esta bloqueado

This is a paid method that takes care of sending a report to the applicant , accompanied by the specific information of the device and if it is blocked by the owner.

If you want to use this platform, you can start by filling in the information requested by the form on the page. In addition, it will be accompanied by the different payment alternatives and the prices referred to specific services .

Once this part has been completed, you will proceed to enter the IMEI code and the email to which you want the report to be sent.

After completing these steps and inserting the payment method you want to use, you can click on the “Place the order” button that is visible on the screen.

Depending on the type of information requested, the report can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours , allowing them to find the data that the content of the file warrants.

In the event that the device is blocked by the current owner of the iPhone, this type of investment will allow you to ensure that you do not acquire the equipment. In this way you will avoid loss of money and uncomfortable situations in the future.

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