With this guide we will talk about how to know if my Free Fire account was disabled, suspended or banned . In turn, we will tell you a little about the reasons why you can be banned. On the other hand, we have other guides of interest about the video game with which you will learn aspects such as what Free Fire means in Spanish.

How to know if my Free Fire account was disabled, suspended or banned

Knowing if an account was banned in Free Fire is very easy, in fact, you just have to enter your login information, after which the platform will show a notice such as “Your account is suspended . This is the way you can usually tell if the account has been banned.

In any case, if the warning that appears is different, it is possible that you have simply forgotten your information. Given this, actions such as changing the Facebook account in Free Fire or others to enter can be useful to recover your account.

Reasons why accounts are suspended or banned in Free Fire

Now, something that can represent a challenge is knowing the reason why you were banned . Many times we know the reasons why a Free Fire account is suspended, but other times it is a total mystery. For this reason, we will tell you about some of the reasons why Garena usually suspends Free Fire accounts.

cuenta suspendida free fire

Use of traps

As in any game, clearly the use of cheats is usually punished by Garena . Given this, it is common for the company to ban or suspend the accounts that resort to these practices. For this reason, it is highly recommended to stay away from hacks or different ways of cheating.

It is certainly not common for Garena to ban on the first use of hacks or cheats like that . In fact, it is usually the recidivism in the act that will ensure a ban by the company. In any case, if you are a video game lover, it is best that you never use cheats.

“Unsportsmanlike” behavior

When we refer to unsportsmanlike behavior, we are explicitly talking about those players who offend others. Garena certainly takes this matter very seriously, as she seeks to get her community away from toxicity. For this reason, disrespect and insults are prohibited within Free Fire.

Resorting to these practices can lead to a suspension of your account , therefore, constant reports of lack of respect are the main reasons why Free Fire accounts are eliminated.

Reports by other players

This is related in part to what was commented before, that is, to the reports by players. However, reports do not occur solely to offend others, in fact, there are several possible causes.

cuenta baneada free fire

One player may report another because they believe they are cheating in some way, for example, stream-sniping (watching competitive players broadcast to gain an advantage over them) is prohibited in most games. As you will see, it is not just using software / hacks or offending, which can lead to a ban.

Unfair bans

Possibly after all of the above, you find yourself in the circumstance where you feel that you were unfairly suspended . This is rare, but a ban by mistake can happen to anyone. Fortunately, in most cases this can be easily remedied.

For this reason, if you feel that you were banned by mistake, that is, if you have not incurred the aforementioned failures, you can appeal this decision. To do this, just contact Garena directly and make the request in the most respectful way possible to recover your account. If there is no reason to be suspended, you can very possibly easily recover the account.

In the case of recovering your account properly, it is recommended that you know how to recharge your Google Play Store account. In this way, you can buy skins and other objects again to improve your account even more.

On the other hand, if for some reason you don’t want to play Free Fire anymore, we have a tutorial in which we show you how to create and delete a Free Fire account.

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