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At the beginning of the technological era, when it was possible, through Infrared sensors, to exchange files with other mobile devices that had these same ports.

They were very similar to Bluetooth, but you had to have the devices very close together for the exchange to take place. In the following article we will teach you how to know if my cell phone has infrared or not.

How to know if my cell phone has infrared or not

Apparently, as with fashion or music, the return of everything that is retro is currently becoming fashionable. It is no longer strange to see devices that come with this type of port for the exchange of music files, video or images. That were used a lot, to avoid the use of data cables.

We are already used to giving you interesting articles that teach you to connect your mobile phones to different platforms. As in the case of connecting your mobile to the TV using HDMI-MHL.

Is that currently there are other much more efficient ways to exchange files such as Bluetooth or the internet. But cell phones that have IR ports not only allow you to send files to another mobile.

If not, it also allows you to control all those electronic devices such as TV, air conditioners, music players, etc.

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How to know if my cell phone has or does not have infrared

As we have been telling you, mobile devices that have infrared are currently coming onto the market. And then we are going to show you how to know if my cell phone has or does not have infrared. For this, we are going to carry out a few simple steps that will help you check it, so follow us and don’t miss the explanation.

In order to know if my cell phone has or does not have infrared , it can be done physically, this means that we must check the upper part of our mobile. There we must locate a small dark red dot, which is similar to the ones on the TV remote control. But if you can’t locate this point or don’t know if you really have infrared or not, you can do the following.

There is an application that you can download from the Play Store, which will allow you to control all your electronic devices through the infrared that your mobile has.

So if your cell phone does not have this port, the application will simply tell you that your mobile is not compatible with the application you want to download.

Then the next step will be to go to the Play Store where we are going to look for the App that is called AnyMote Universal Remote. You must install it, it is very light, it weighs around 12 megabytes, so the installation will be very fast.

Using the App to know if my cell phone has infrared or not

When the installation is finished, you must click on the Open option, when doing this it will show you the terms , which you must accept. Now you must wait for the application to give you the information about your mobile device. If it has the necessary Hardware to be able to be used as a remote controller.

What does this mean, that the same application will tell you if your mobile has infrared, if so, you can make the configuration so that your phone works as a remote control.

If, on the contrary, it does not have infrared, it gives you the option to control your TV , through the WiFi connection, through the application that you have just installed on your phone.

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In this simple way, we have been able to show you two ways to know if my cell phone has infrared or not . One is, through the search for the port and the other through an application that you will download to your mobile. And this will tell you if your cell phone has the Hardware to be used as a remote control.

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