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Facebook is a website where registered users exchange personal information in addition to multimedia content. For this reason a community of friends is created in a virtual and interactive way.

Keep in mind that Facebook is part of the social media universe, so it is a free service that allows people to connect on the internet . If you are a registered user on the website, you can manage your own personal space from the home page.

How to Know How Long I am a Friend of a Person on Facebook

In the social network Facebook you can create notes, comment, create events, like, create and organize photo albums, share videos or images, mood. You can even get the precise information for how long you became friends with another user.

For this reason, it is necessary to understand the proper steps to obtain this information, since for many users it is important to know it.

Steps to know how long you’ve been friends with someone on Facebook

Tu amigo Facebook

It should be mentioned that it is interesting to know how long you have been establishing a friendship with a person on the social network Facebook. Surely at some point you have asked yourself this question, for this reason we will teach you the steps to find the time when the friendship began .

First, you must open the Facebook account and search the friends list for the specific person for whom you want to know the friendship time, and then “enter their profile .

So when entering the profile you must click on the “three dots” that are displayed in the lower right part of the cover photo.

Once this step is done, you can see the date they became friends, it is expressed in month and year. In addition, the number of mutual friends, city and the publications that have been made in their biography or tagged are displayed.

In turn, if you are connected from your mobile device and you have Facebook Messenger, you can find another way to obtain the friendship date.

Since when a new friend request is accepted, a message arrives in Messenger which says: you are connected to Messenger and above the message is the day, month and time the friendship was established .

It’s that simple and with a few steps you can access your friendship information on Facebook. Emphasizing that an option that is a bit hidden and that many users do not know but for some reason have wanted to remember at some point how that friendship arose and the date they became known.

Facebook celebrates friendship

Feliz dia de la amistad en Faceook

Likewise, Facebook has established a new method in which it celebrates friendship, recently it has incorporated the celebration. Showing how many years the friendship between two people has been established, the ad appears on the exact day they became friends, accompanied by an emotional video.

Starting on Facebook’s thirteenth birthday, its creator Mark Zuckerberg decided to celebrate the friendships shared by its users through a video of relationship stories that emerged in Facebook groups.

In the same way, the video can be viewed privately or publicly as you wish, since in the first area it is viewed by the person who is on the anniversary and decides whether or not to share the celebration.

Therefore Facebook has become a revolution in personal relationships, for this reason it is the social network that has the most users worldwide .

It should be mentioned that knowing the birth of friendship with another person in the social network if possible. Although the option is hidden, it can be accessed easily.

In short, it should be noted that most users do not know the functions and features that Facebook has available. In turn, the friendship date is not available in some users.

Finally we hope that this article has been to your liking, however we would like to know, Do you consider this option useful? Are there other steps to see from when they are friends on Facebook? Leave us all your opinions in the comments.

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