If for some reason you don’t have your console updated, you should know that you can access the latest PS4 update with a USB stick. This is particularly useful when your computer is not connected to the internet or there was a problem during the last update, such as a wrong shutdown of the PS4.

This is crucial because an update not only includes improvements for the general performance of the device, but often solves small and even large bugs. This very useful function can present some complexity so, in order not to run any type of risk, follow the instructions below step by step.

Step One: Download the Latest Update

First of all, to install the latest PS4 update with a USB memory you must first obtain the relevant files. To do this, on your PC, laptop or directly on your mobile, you must enter the official PlayStation page.

There you will find the latest update available, which you must select according to the language of your PS4. Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and then select “Accept and download now.”

Keep in mind that these files are large and can easily exceed 400MB. In this sense, you must have enough space on your computer for this, as well as a sufficiently stable connection to the internet.

Second step: Save the latest PS4 update with a USB stick.

Once the file is downloaded, you must transfer it to a pendrive or any other type of USB memory. Make sure that it works properly and does not require any additional program to access its content.

actualizar ps4 consola

On the other hand, it is necessary that you save the file following a specific guideline so that the PS4 can recognize it properly. In this sense you must create a folder called “PS4” and in this, another called “UPDATE”. Both must be written in capital letters as shown here.

Now you just have to pass the file you have downloaded to the “UPDATE” folder. In the process, make sure that the name of this file is “PS4UPDATE.PUP” and if it is not, verify that you have downloaded the correct file . If so, you must modify its name by right clicking on it and selecting the respective option.

Doing this is what will allow the system to recognize the file and apply the latest PS4 update with a USB stick without any further complications.

Step Three: Enter Safe Mode on PS4

Now that you have the file properly arranged, you can use it on your PS4 from safe mode. This is a space of the console itself that precisely serves to provide alternatives when solving different problems related to your operating system.

In fact, if you have internet connectivity via cable, Wi-Fi or mobile, many of its options take advantage of the data in your account. Now, to access the latest PS4 update with a USB stick, you must first turn off the console properly.

opciones de modo seguro ps4

In this state, connect the USB stick and start the PS4 in safe mode. To do this you must press the power button and keep it pressed until you hear a second beep. Now you should see the safe mode options on your screen .

Step Four: Update

Already in the safe mode you will find several options that you can use in different situations. For example, among the possibilities is to restore the PS4 to factory settings and with which you will require a software update like this.

Now you just have to choose the third option , “Update system software” and wait for the process to finish. With this you can now enjoy your PS4 updated to its latest version.

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