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Mineraft is undoubtedly one of the most played games in the world. The multiplatform is characterized by being an open world game where you will need maps and you can survive by collecting things from nature and creating tools for your survival.

How to Install Mods in Minecraft on Windows 10 PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

In addition to everything that can be done in Minecraft and the different game modes that it offers, the title also offers some additional mods that can be installed to further improve the game experience .

However, there are many Minecraft players who do not know how to install these mods . For this reason, in the following article we will explain how to install all the mods in Minecraft for PC Windows 10, MAC, Android and Iphone.

How to get mods in the new versions?

Many users say that in current versions of the game it is more difficult to get and install mods than in previous versions. Despite this, being able to install these is not that complicated.

There are many pages where you can get and download the mods you want. Among the best known pages we can find Forge and Minecrafteo . You only have to access the pages in question and place the version of your game in the search engine and you will see all the available mods.

How to download a mod for Minecraft?

Download mods with Minecrafteo

The first thing you should do is access the main page and at first glance you can see all the mods available for the different versions.

Once you get a mod that attracts your attention , you must click on it and a new tab will open. In it you must go down to the end and you will see, on the same page, a tutorial on how to install that mod.

Archivo mod de Minecraft

You can also get the requirements that your computer or mobile must have to download it and the step-by-step procedure. The page is really very intuitive and explains in a very simple way so that everyone can do it.

Finally you will have to select the mod , you will see that it will be highlighted in red when you position yourself on it, click and it will begin to download automatically.


Download mods with Forge

This page is also very useful as it will allow you to download all kinds of mods for one or more versions of Minecraft. When accessing the page you will see two boxes and you must click on the recommended option to download.

Once you click, a new tab will open and you will have to wait 5 seconds to skip the advertising. After 5 seconds you will see how the Forge will automatically download.

A very important step to be able to play Mods with forge is that you must open Minecraft and choose the version you want and then we will have to open the Forge in the same version in which we open Minecraft so that the mod can run. This is important so that a folder with the update and a folder with the mod is created.

The next thing will be to install the Forge . After opening it, you will see that you can choose between several options: Install client, extract server or extract information from the forge and we will have to select the option install client and then accept.

Icono de Minecraft cara de un personaje

After installing the Forge, you will have to go to the .Minecraft folder and you will see that a folder called Forge and a called mod will have been automatically created. In case you are not believed, you will have to create a folder manually .

To do this you must right click and select the new option and there choose the folder option. After creating it, you will have to name it MOD since in this folder is where we will have to place the files of all the MODs that we want to install in Minecraft.

Install Mods in Minecraft

After downloading the MODS we will have to open Minecraft and we will have to go to the profiles option and there we will have to select the option “create profile” and we will have to look for the version that we have just installed.

You will have to give the version a name and save. Then we will have to go to news and look and see that it has the name of the Forge. In this way, the Minecraft folder will be executed with the forge and the MODs that we just downloaded. We just have to press play and that’s it.

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