The endless war between iPhone and Android has been eternal. As you know, iPhone has used the strategy of creating applications that are only compatible with the iOS system to keep its customers, among them it has created incredible and efficient calculator apps that many would like to have, however now it is possible to have applications of iOS on Android Do you want to know how? So pay close attention and meet Cider.

What is Cider?

Cider is a tool created by some students from Columbia University capable of cheating native iOS apps , yes, that’s how you’re reading. This incredible app is a layer that allows Android to enjoy the exclusive applications that are only used with the iOS system.

With this application you can download the best calculator apps for iPhone without any problem. Although we currently do not know if iOS will take action on the matter, you can freely enjoy this tool.

calculadora oficina calculos

Still don’t know which iPhone scientific calculator to download for your Android device? Take a very careful look at these incredible options.

Air Calculator

With Air Calculator you can solve any mathematical problem without any inconvenience, it is fast, simple and effective. It is a completely useful and easy to use scientific calculator. It has infinities of functions. Also, it has the option of more than 32 languages.

The system it works with is iOS 9 or later. Within the app you can make purchases of more advanced tools that will allow you to solve exponents, ideal for students or engineering workers.

Why use Air Calculator?

If you are looking for one of the best and most effective scientific calculators , Air Calculator is undoubtedly one of them. With it you can enjoy:

  • Good management of the system.
  • Affordable tools.
  • Quickness in solving mathematical problems
  • It is a lightweight app.

Likewise, you should know that today we can find applications that come directly in APK for Android without having to have anything external , that although they are not in the Google Play store, they are available in the iPhone store and they are very good, just You must activate the unknown sources and install any of the following applications or APK that we present to you.


Although there are many calculators online, it is best to enjoy quick and excellent immediate help . If you are looking for that help we present you SnapCalc. With this application you can enjoy the latest technology tools that will allow you to perform calculations in seconds.

Although it is a somewhat heavy app, it has the options to solve exponents and derivatives in seconds . If you are a student of engineering or related subjects, we assure you that SnapCalc will be a great help.

Best of all, it has the visual option, this means that just by taking a picture of an equation you can get the result in seconds. Incredible, don’t you think?


If you are one of those people who loves to travel and gets confused with currency conversions, this app is for you. CalConvert has the ideal specifications for travelers. It has currency conversion options that will give you the result in a fast and accurate way.

With it, you can enjoy alternative tools that will help you better calculate your finances, and best of all, you have the option to switch to more than 30 different languages . In addition, you can make purchases of tools for calculation and roots without problem.

Graphic calculator

If you are looking for a simple, fast and very light calculator, this app is the one for you. Thanks to this versatile and particular application you can enjoy from your mobile an incredible calculation tool that will help you at all times, it is the Graphical Calculator.

calculadora pantalla telefono

With it you can enjoy masterful results of complete exercises in just seconds . Without a doubt, it is a tool that you will enjoy in each of your exams.

Quick Graph

We know that finding a good calculator app can be boring. On the web you can find infinities of calculator apps, but sometimes they are usually insufficient. Therefore. Quick Graph arrives to be your favorite.

This powerful graphing calculator allows you to make great 2D and 3D graphs . Its interface is clearly simple and allows you to perform mathematical rotations in minutes . You can also view coordinate systems in Cartesian, spherical, polar, and cylindrical planes. Best of all, it is a lightweight and versatile app, you will surely love it.

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