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PowerPoint is an ideal tool to create attractive and creative presentations by attaching interactive text and images that result in creating presentations that are very comfortable to use and that we can share on any social network, email or pendrive. Here we will teach you how to put an animated GIF in PowerPoint.

How to Insert or Put an ANIMATED GIF in Power Point – Complete Guide

In some presentations it is possible to visualize animated gif inside that helps us to animate some long text and is a fun resource that is more than easy to place.

With a simple step by step you will learn how to insert an animated gif in PowerPoint to highlight your presentations in the most fun and practical way.

How to install PowerPoint on our computer?

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  1. If you still do not have the PowerPoint program installed on your computer, you must.
  2. First you enter the official page of it and proceed to download.
  3. Install PowerPoint on your computer using the file you download from the official website and you will be ready to use it.

When you download this program from its official website, you will always receive the latest version with news and modifications to its tools. They can download from external clients to their official website, but you always have to be safe when downloading files from the internet. The security of your computer is more important.

Its download is free and must be downloaded in a package together with its brothers such as Excel, Word , Outlook, which are also important tools for your day to day, especially if you work from your computer. You also have this package available from your cell phone which you can download and install Microsoft Office for free for Android.

Excel and Word are its most important tools but PowerPoint helps you create or make creative slides with a professional design and thus achieve higher level presentations.

How to download an Animated Gif?

  1. We enter Google and we can search for the preferred gif or in an image bank that usually have images in Gif and download it to our computer to be able to place it later in PowerPoint and that they are of good quality so that it can give quality to the presentation.
  2. To download the Gif we must click on the selected image and then on “View image” which will take us to another tab within our browser.
  3. Then with the right click on the Gif a new menu will be displayed and we will check where it says «Save image as …» , we will look for the location where to save it and click on «Save»
  4. With the Gif already downloaded to our computer, we will go to PowerPoint to start creating our presentation or modify one already made with these animated gifs .

If you want to make your own animated gifs in a personalized way, you can do it by creating an animated Gif in Photoshop quickly and easily.

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How to insert or put an animated Gif in PowerPoint?

  1. We start by opening our presentation or starting a new presentation from scratch.
  2. Inside there we select in which sheet of our presentation the animated Gif will go.
  3. We locate the place where we will place it and we will go to the lower menu of tools where we will find the “Insert” tab within it there are multiple options.
  4. Click on “Insert images” and in the search engine we will put the animated gif that we selected previously and downloaded to the computer.
  5. We insert the animated Gif into our presentation and modify its size, position within the sheet.

There is no limit to the number of animated Gifs that can be inserted on the same sheet, you just have to try to make it harmonious and not overload it with animated gifs .

You can use it to carry out tutorials within your presentation, perhaps teaching different methods or techniques on a specific topic that can be very useful. You can also animate a character to simulate walking in PowerPoint and include it in your presentations in a creative way.

Animated Gifs can also be created with specific free programs that you can search on the web and with simple steps create them with your own taste.

A different option to animate your PowerPoint presentations with so little, gifs add movement to them, making them more attractive to the user who reads them. With this complete guide it will be easy to learn how to insert animated gifs in all your presentations.

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