Fortnite and PS4 are one of the best combinations in the world of gaming, because in this console you can live the full experience of that game, however, not everything is good with this pair, and that is why today you will see How to solve the problem of mouse and keyboard sensitivity in Fortnite?

And it is that, although in this console you are allowed to do whatever it is (for example, you can even change the Fortnite username on PS4), the reality is that the bugs that have been presented are numerous , so this type of guidance is imperative to solve them.

How to solve the problem of the sensitivity of the mouse and keyboard?

Now, to go directly to the point of your interest and that you can solve the problem of the sensitivity of the mouse and keyboard in this title, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that this error is not due to your mouse or keyboard, it is more for game settings.

So in order to solve it, you have to fix some internal adjustments. For that go to your console and open the Fortnite game (which you must have already downloaded from the official Store), when you are already there press the “Options” button that is integrated into the PS4 controller.

fortnite personaje

With this action a new section of game settings will open, in the upper right corner of it, there will be a list of options from which you can choose, choose the one that is a gear.

Immediately you will be redirected to another different section where there is a ribbon of settings options, using the triggers of the remote control, stand on the fourth option called ” Accessibility”, which is represented by the icon of a white man and a circle.

In this other section there are several options, activate the one called “Set the mouse as input method”, and voila , with that the mouse and keyboard will be configured as an input method and will not be interrupted with the control, which let them work perfectly thus solving your problem.

Best settings to play Fortnite!

Since you already learned how to solve the problem of mouse and keyboard sensitivity, it is time to show you what is the best configuration you can place to play Fortnite.

In order to finally finish with this guide and that you can go on to investigate more important topics about your console and this game, such as: How to deactivate Fortnite’s two-factor authentication?

Now, the best settings you can set for a game is: the sensitivity of the Y and X axis at 9.99%, the sensitivity when aiming 38.5%, the sensitivity of the scope at 77.0%, picking up objects with right click, and shoot with left click.

construir en fortnite

Reload with the R key, the action use with the E, the collection tool with F, the spaces for the weapon from 1 to 5 coordinate them with the buttons from 1 to 5 of the keyboard, to crouch the left Ctrl, wall with Z, floor with X and stairs with C.

Place construction with the left click, rotate construction R, repair with F, equip traps with F3, change the hot bar with Q, show map with M, revive with F, and voila, with that you have the basic controls to be a pro.

Now you know how to fix the mouse and keyboard sensitivity problem, and you also learned which is one of the best settings to play Fortnite , so you have nothing else to do.

You are free to go and find more things about this game, such as: How to take selfies photos in Fortnite? Information that will help you have more fun.

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