Excel is one of the many Microsoft Office applications, where a grid sheet model is used to facilitate the organization, analysis and presentation of certain data, through a spreadsheet, made up of columns and rows . But sometimes, we need to hide or remove the grid lines in Excel.

Worksheets contain cells, which are identified by rows and columns ; the latter are located at the top identified with letters, while the rows are on the left side of the sheet and are represented by numbers.

Cells can have any type of information in number and letter format. It is one of the programs, most used by both offices and homes; its versatility even allows you to work in Excel from an iPhone cell phone.

What are grid lines in Excel?

When we open a spreadsheet, we see some faint lines that define the space of each cell; this is the grid in Excel and its purpose is to make the visual division of each one of them. Thus, when reading and looking for the data we need, its location is easier; represented by a specific row and column.

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What is the difference between grid lines and cell borders?

Usually, they tend to confuse them but it is not the same, those of the grid or division, have default characteristics in the Excel program ; its thickness or style cannot be changed; in addition, the grid is spread over the entire document, regardless of the number of sheets.

Meanwhile, the margins of the cells, if they can be altered , placing them thicker, double, dotted, backstitched, combining stripes and dots, that is, vary the thickness, among others; Also, you can select certain ranges of cells, for example: from B1 to B3.

However, there are many things that can be done to customize the look of a sheet . Since you can change the color of the appearance of a Microsoft Excel sheet, and also through certain options apply styles or format in a table or cell in Excel.

What changes can we make to the grid lines?

If you need another tone, you can do it in the button with the Office logo (Excel Options) and then go to “Advanced> Show options for this sheet”; then we click on “Grid Color” , select the desired one and end with “OK”.

Usually the grid lines are not printed, but if they are required to appear, you can change the settings pre-established by the program, to do this, again go to “Design” then “Sheet Options”, then click on “Grid lines ” And finally“ Print ”.

How to Hide or Remove Grid Lines in Excel – Quick and Easy?

If we want to hide these grid lines, you can click on “File”, then click on “Options”, then on “Advanced”, we will “Show Options for this sheet” and finally uncheck the option “Show dividing lines “As long as it is active.

By unchecking that option, you will no longer see any kind of division . At first glance, it may give the impression of having combined or merged several Excel cells together, but it is only a visual effect, as each cell maintains its place and space.

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If when making a print, these grid lines appear and you do not want them to appear on the paper, then you should be aware that the option of “Print” is unchecked in “Page Layout> Grid lines” .

Another way to hide them is by unchecking the option, “View” then “Show” ending in “Grid lines” and you will see how the grid disappears from the entire active sheet.

To do the same in all the sheets of the Excel document; you must keep the CTRL key pressed , while selecting each sheet. Located in the lower left part of the window, and then uncheck the “Grid lines” option.

Hiding the grid lines in Excel is a very simple operation . It can be useful at times to be able to observe the limit of the paper before printing. While in others, it will be beneficial to have them visible to locate a cell.

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