YouTube is the most used platform to upload videos, in it you can find videos with content for children, housewives, amateur cooks, movie lovers, among others. That is why more and more people are encouraged to create their own channel to share their experiences, knowledge and skills.

However, if you created your channel but you no longer want to post any more videos because it did not have the expected success, you don’t have time or it no longer catches your attention, you can hide or delete it. In this post we will show you how to hide or delete a YouTube channel – fast and easy .

Steps to hide a YouTube channel

  1. Go to the YouTube site.
  2. Once inside the platform you must go to the upper right corner and click on the blue “ACCESS” button ; (This step and the next two will be done if your session is not open).
  3. You will immediately see a form on the screen where you must enter your email or phone number, write the one that suits you best and press the “Next” button.
  4. In the next box that will appear on the screen you must enter the password, then click on «Next».
  5. Now you must click on your profile photo that is in the upper right corner, a menu will immediately be displayed where you must click on the option «Configuration» (Adjustment) that has the icon of a gear on the left side.
  6. In the new window you will see on the left side a menu select “Advanced settings” .

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  7. In the «Advanced settings» window, you must click on «Delete channel» .
  8. Google will ask you to enter the password, this step has the objective of confirming that the owner of the channel is performing the action. Then you must click on «Next».
  9. In the new window you have the option to Hide or Delete; displays the arrow of the option «I want to hide my channel» .
  10. Now you must check the boxes that were displayed to hide all the content of the channel and click on the blue button «Hide my channel».
  11. A pop-up window will appear with a message where you must click “Hide my content” , from that moment your channel will be hidden.

Once your channel is hidden, it will be set as private, including videos, subscriptions, channel name and views; but you must bear in mind that the messages will be deleted forever and cannot be recovered. To upload new videos you must enable your account.

Steps to activate your YouTube channel

  1. Follow the steps 1 to 5 above.
  2. After step 5 you will see the «Account» window on the screen, in the «Your YouTube channel» section, click on the option called «Create a channel» .
  3. A pop-up window will appear on the screen with the name of your channel, click the “Create channel” button . If you wish, you can change the name of your channel quickly and easily.
  4. Ready! You have already activated your channel again, it is advisable that you go to the “Videos” tab and make public all your videos and list of reproductions.

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Hiding your channel will give you the opportunity to activate it again at another time; even YouTube allows you to transfer a channel to a brand account. But if you are determined to delete your channel forever we will show you how to do it.

How to delete a YouTube channel?

  1. Follow steps 1 through 8 in the caption “Steps to hide a YouTube channel.”
  2. In the new window you will see two options that you can apply in your channel «Hide» or «Delete», display the arrow of the option «I want to permanently delete my content» .
  3. Next you will see a box, check it to confirm that you agree with all the content that you will delete with your decision; then you must click «Delete my content» .
  4. In the pop-up window that you will see on the screen, you must press “Delete my content” to confirm the process.
  5. Your channel has been successfully deleted, your subscriptions, messages, videos, likes and your history will no longer appear.

Before deleting your YouTube channel think about what you can do differently to create successful videos that make your channel popular; Uploading interesting and attractive content will make your success as a Youtuber grow without the need to stop continuing to share what you are really passionate about.

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