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WhatsApp is the leader in messaging around the world, where messages, calls, video calls from the application , stickers, photos, videos, audio are sent and received in real time.

It is positioned in the list of the most popular because it exceeds 2000 million users , because of its ease of use and the trust it generates in all those who use it.

WhatsApp has the wonder that it updates its system every so often, bringing surprises to better connect you with your loved ones.

Is it possible to have WhatsApp on two devices?

Of course it is possible, you can have it very easily, here we will show you how to do it, having the sessions open in both , either because you have a mobile to go to work, your WhatsApp account is a company, in the case of being parents to find out what your child does.

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The reasons why we would like to have WhatsApp on two devices are several, but the important thing here is that you keep in mind that you can open your WhatsApp from another device, either tablet or laptop from WhatsApp web, which allows you to log in while you are nearby .

Advantages of having WhatsApp on two cell phones

  • You will have a greater scope to contact yours.
  • You will be able to better manage the documents that enter if it is a WhatsApp account for companies.
  • You won’t be worried if you leave one of the devices somewhere else.
  • If you are going to be aware of the little ones at home, this is a very useful and effective tool.
  • You can respond more quickly if your account is a business account because two people can manage it at the same time.
  • You can be at any distance and in the same way you will have your WhatsApp open on both cell phones.
  • There is no possibility for sessions to be deleted.

Disadvantages of having WhatsApp on two cell phones

  • If you are very distracted with your things, other people can easily enter your WhatsApp and impersonate you.
  • Your WhatsApp account may be saturated , leaving your contacts’ responses to late.
  • If you are not organized, other people can easily access your contacts, then you will lose your privacy.


It is a free application offered by the play store. In the case that you have your whatsapp for work use and you receive many messages during the day, surely this will release a little of the weight you have .

Because not only can you have WhatsApp on two devices with the same number, but you can also allow other people to reply to messages for you, if you want to, making the experience with your contacts more enjoyable.

This application is the one that will actually make you able to have two WhatsApp accounts without the need to change your cell phone number . It is downloaded through the play store, WhatsClone has the wonder that it does not take up much storage space so it is not very difficult to have it on any device.

Steps to have whatsapp on two cell phones

Before telling you what to do, you must have WhatsApp downloaded on both devices, regardless of the number that both have at that time.

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We want you to keep in mind that you already know the application you are going to use, which is WhatsCloud, after downloading it follow the steps that you will have below.

  • You open the application and press login.
  • If you do not have an account in this application, which is most likely if you use it for the first time, create an account.
  • You will have to log in and a welcome message will appear, below you will have the option to open conversations, press there.
  • Then you will observe that it is similar to how when you open whatsapp web.
    There you will get a WhatsApp QR code, you only have 7 min to use it, after 7 min it changes.
  • When you see this, you open WhatsApp on your other device, look for the WhatsApp web option.
  • You place the camera on the QR code that appears there.
    The same whatsApp account will appear on the other device.
  • And it’s ready, you already have WhatsApp on your two devices.
  • As it is cloned, your contacts will get the same cell phone number, they will not realize that you reply from one device or another.
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