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It is true that many of us use this virtual platform to connect with our friends and family. But many others only use it for strictly necessary reasons, since they escape their lack of privacy. In this sense, if you want to hide data that you feel you should not share, we will show you in this article how to have only my name and hide or delete the last name on Facebook.

How to have only my name and hide or delete the last name on Facebook

Despite being a recognized and widely used social network in the world, there is no doubt that many criticize it for being little private. And everyone can know the least of your personal information , although Facebook has added some filters to prevent it. In any case, you can make some adjustments that allow you to hide or delete sensitive data for you.

As we have been showing in other tutorials that talk about the extensive topic that Facebook is . This platform tries to gain lost space in front of its detractors and every day it takes hold on the taste and preference of new users who want to know their multiple options and among them how to accept or reject friend requests on Facebook.

How to have only my first name and hide or delete the last name on Facebook

We will try to make an adjustment or configuration that in a certain way misleads Facebook and allows us to have only my name and hide or remove the last name on Facebook . And the steps that we are going to perform are the following, first start your Facebook section as you normally do, but we will now use an Indonesian proxy.

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Once we are on our home page, we must go to the options to change languages . Once we are on the language page, we will search for Bahasa Indonesia and select, now we will not understand anything it says and in this case we will open the options of our account and choose the first option that appears.

Steps to have only my name and hide or delete the last name on Facebook

Then in the new window that will open we must click on the option Sunting which means edit and with it we can change the name. Then you must remove the last name from your name and then you must click on the blue button that has the following message Tinjau Perubahan. Next, a box will appear with a message in Indonesian and a box.

In that box we must put our password and we will have already changed or eliminated the surname. The next step we must take is to return to the original language, that is, Spanish. You make this change, then you must deactivate the proxy and that’s all, this way you have your Facebook account without last name.

It is important that you perform the steps that we explain here in the following link we leave you the Indonesian proxies that you can use: http://www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-id/ – http: // www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list/

It is important that you choose a proxy that has HTTPS, so that it can work on Facebook, another fact that you should keep in mind is that if you use Google Chrome, you can download the Proxy SwitchySharp plugin.

And we just have to activate it, this will make the internet think that we are in this Asian country. If you do not get the option to change the language option on Facebook, you can use the following link: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=language

And while there you can edit the language options and select the Bahasa Indonesia language and then we apply the steps that we explained previously. And then you must disable the proxy from the options of the browser or the extension. In this way we can enjoy our Facebook account without a surname.

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Before finishing this article, we will explain to you why it is possible to have Facebook without a surname and this is because the country we choose is Indonesia. It is allowed that this field is not filled in , since many people may not have a last name. And by changing the IP, Facebook cannot determine that we are from another country and will allow us to omit the surname.

You see how easy this option is, although you can also change your name before 60 days, these are possibilities that the partner network allows you to do, as part of its opening. And so far we have come with this tutorial that taught you how to have only my name and hide or delete the last name on Facebook.

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