Free Fire is a multiplayer online survival game , released on September 30, 2017 for Android and iOS platforms. Diamonds are important in this game and they are not easy to obtain. So today you will know how to give Free Fire diamonds to your friends buying with PayPal.

It is also known as Garena Free Fire , since Garena is the house that distributes it. It was developed by 111 Dots Studio and its latest version is 1.44.0. Where can you play Garena Free Fire? Well, it is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

What is Garena Free Fire and what is it about? It is a game where 50 players meet for a period of 10 minutes, and of which there will only be 1 survivor . There are 2 user-eligible maps for these battles: Bermuda or Kalahari.

You can create an account on Garena Free Fire easily. This way you will enjoy several game modes : training, custom, squad duels and qualifiers (they can be individual or squads).

pantalla de seleccion de personaje en free fire

In the first, you will fight randomly with any user , the second is custom groups, the third is clashes between squads, and the last is to climb the ranking of the game.

What are diamonds used for in Free Fire?

Diamonds in Free Fire are useful for buying a wide variety of weapons , outfits, vehicles, pets, and equipment; some elements serve to improve your character, and others are decorative to change its appearance.

How do you get the Free Fire diamonds?

Obtaining the diamonds in Free Fire can be difficult and gathering the desired amount is a slow process, with many hours of play. Since for that, you have to fulfill the different missions that the App assigns you. The missions give you medals to exchange for a Free Pass; thus you get up to 50 diamonds, and then you must wait for the new missions. That is why applications have come out , for which you can earn diamonds in exchange for doing micro-tasks.

There is a long list of applications : Flash Diamond, Quiz Diamonds, TODOFF, Cash Monkey, Cashzine: Buzz Interact & Daily Reward, Free Diamonds for FF, Tip for Free Fire Diamonds Elite Pass, ELITE PASS, Guide for Free FF 2020 – Diamonds – Heroic, Gamehag.

How do I gift Free Fire diamonds to my friends buying with PayPal?

The fastest way to get diamonds is to buy them with PayPal ; There are two ways: directly from the game, or by entering the PagoStore page. We will focus on the aforementioned page, since it will allow you to give diamonds to your Free Fire friends.

comprar diamantes de free fire en pagostore

First you must register, for that you press the “Enter” button at the top of the screen; You can register with your Facebook or Garena data . Try to place the same email where you have your PayPal account affiliated.

We recommend you to enter from a computer, or from your mobile in the “Desktop site” mode. Now, in the upper right part you will see a list of Latin countries, but for the rest of the world we select “Rest of LATAM” ; In the center left you will see the “Free Fire” button.

When pressed, the window with two options will be displayed: “Facebook” or “Player ID”. The second will allow you to put any ID you know from Free Fire; so we click and this option to put the ID of our friend and press the red button “Enter”.

You will see several boxes with different means of payment, click on the PayPal icon. Below is a list of different amounts of diamonds and their cost in dollars; You select the amount to see the button “Proceed to payment.”

When you click, a new window will open where you will have to select PayPal once again as the means of payment, and click on “Confirm order and payment method” . You end the process by entering your PayPal access data and confirming the transaction.

Now, you have learned how to gift Free Fire diamonds to your friends with PayPal; You can start playing Garena Free Fire on your mobile or even on your computer, help your friends, have fun with them and share this post to help more people.

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