Did you like someone else’s Tumblr theme ? Do not worry! Taking it is easier than all users think. In fact, most of the topics present a specific modality so that you can acquire it easily and without having to do great procedures.

The easiest way to get someone else’s Tumblr theme

If you have already seen the new theme you want to have, the next thing you should do is go to Tumblr and log in with your account as you do regularly. To do this, open your trusted browser and type the Tumblr address, although you can also search for it directly in the search engine or click here.

Locate the topic you want

With the session started, go to the profile in which you saw the theme you want to copy or obtain, as you will need to be in it to proceed.

The button to install

There are two ways you can install someone else’s Tumblr theme on your board. The first is to locate the “Install theme” button that will be to the right and at the top of said element and on the page where you are.

Pressing that bookmark will automatically install someone else’s theme on your profile, so you don’t need to do anything else. Simple enough, right?

Can’t find the button? Follow these steps

In case you are not in the mentioned place, you can look down to the bottom of the page where you are, in this way, you will be able to see a specific link on the topic.

¿Cómo obtener o tomar el tema Tumblr de otra persona? - Fácil y rápido

If you come across the second option, you must click on said link, so that the platform itself redirects you to the window that interests you. Indeed, it is placed there for this purpose, thus optimizing the use of themes on the platform.

The store

Just as you read, now you will find yourself in the theme store, where you can choose someone else’s Tumblr theme, that is, the one you want to install.

Install it

Finally, click on the option “Install theme” which, as in the previous case, will get someone else’s Tumblr theme to be immediately placed on your blog.

Are the other user’s messages and photos copied?

When you take or obtain someone else’s Tumblr theme , the question may arise as to whether the information that said user has linked to it will also be copied.

The answer is no, because by following either of the two methods described above you will only be copying and establishing the topic in question in your profile. Either you do it directly from the user’s profile, or by visiting directly the link and the store specialized in Tumblr themes.

That is, both the images or photographs, as well as the messages or any other element that the person will publish will be left out, and you will be able to link and publish what you want with your new topic.

Can I access other topics?

¿Cómo obtener o tomar el tema Tumblr de otra persona? - Fácil y rápido

In the theme store you can find a variety of these elements, in fact, the most prominent developers of the platform can place their thematic creations for sale. So, if you like one, you just have to buy it by following the steps indicated in the Tumblr store.

You can also find free themes , actually, the basic parameters for a theme to be accepted in the store allow you to get just the one you want. And you will not have to worry about compatibility problems, since versatility is a standard parameter, as is the possibility of being displayed in different browsers.

Getting around the use of unnecessary and annoying plug-ins is another remarkable quality of these elements, as is being 100% original and not depending on any third-party widget that could hinder their use.

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