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Many Fortnite users want to level up quickly through the game but others prefer to be creators of this community. These stand out for being active members with their videos, being in most cases content creators of platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.

If you wonder how to get or have a creator code? – Requirements you need to be a creator, in this article you will find the answer.

How to Get or Have a Fortnite Creator Code – Requirements You Need to Be a Creator

What is a creator code?

A creator code is a key piece of information that all content creators from the Fortnite community must enter into the system. This code is an opportunity that Epic Games offers to these players, who stand out for the creation of content on various social platforms and for having a considerable number of followers.

What is a creator code for?

Although it is possible to play minigames in creative mode, with the creator code the players and influencers of the community can access the application as “content creators”. Therefore, they obtain income through the option “support a creator” .

Next, we explain the procedure you must follow to get a creator code, as well as the requirements you need to be a creator in Fortnite.

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How to get or have a creator code? – Requirements you need to be a creator

The procedure to obtain a creator code can be simple if you have a series of requirements that may be accessible for some players and impossible for others. Perhaps this is the first and only obstacle you will encounter in your search for the creator code.

However, it all depends on the circumstances in which you find yourself, your skills and the motivation that will drive you to be a creator of the Fortnite community.

Requirements to be an Epic creator

To be a creator in Fortnite you must have at least one of these social networks : YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Twitch and have more than a thousand followers. For many, this is the most difficult requirement imposed by Epic Games since it is required to be popular on the networks. For this reason, today it is more common to find Fortnite miniatures on YouTube or players broadcasting their games via Twitch.

You must also complete an affiliate agreement and follow a creator code of conduct established by the company. And finally, you must be able to receive your payments under the method selected by Epic Games.

What parameters does Epic take into account to deliver the creator code?

Without a doubt, the most important parameter that Epic verifies to grant the creator code is your account on any social network . In this sense, it is essential that you have achieved more than a thousand followers and that the account belongs to you; otherwise, the code will be denied.

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Where should I request the Epic creator code?

If you have already read the necessary parameters and meet the established requirements, then you can access the epicgames website in order to request to obtain the creator code.

Send a link to your account on any social network

Once you request membership, you will receive a verification code that you must paste into your account on any social network and send the link via email to: [email protected] . Thus, the company will verify and verify your account.

Subsequently, Epic Games will respond to your request through a message that will reach your email. This way you will know if your application has been approved or rejected.

How much money will I earn as a creator of Epic Games?

The money you will earn as an Epic creator depends on the followers you have earned on your social networks and their loyalty. For Epic, your activity on social networks and your followers are relevant because they will invest in the game so that you get a monetary gain.

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