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Spreadsheets are one of the most useful work tools today, especially when it comes to calculating the percentage in Excel.

How to Get or Calculate the Percentage in Excel of Several Cells or Between Two Numbers

Its use is not limited to any area , this type of calculations are necessary in different areas. In offices, stores, educational facilities, businesses, and countless more.

So therein lies the utility generated by the fact that Excel has a mode that makes it much easier to get percentages . In the same way, you can show numbers as fractions without simplifying and insert all the mathematical formulas and operations you want.

First of all, it is important to clarify what exactly a percentage is, and this is nothing more than a quantity or number that represents a fraction of the number 100.

In other words, it is a part of a general number that should be considered divided by 100 units. The symbol with which this fraction is represented is% “.

In this sense, saying 25% is the same as 25/100 and equivalent to 0.25. One of the most common uses of this calculation is when purchasing a product on sale.

In this way, if the marked price is 1,000 and there is a 25% discount percentage, the following relationship should be obtained: 1,000×25 / 100 , or 1,000×0.25 .

Giving us a result of 250, this would be 25% of 1,000 or what is equal to the part of the total that is on offer. That is, it would be discounted from the final price.

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How to calculate percentage in Excel

This is a simple task when, to calculate the percentage in Excel, you use the built-in function in which a cell is formatted as “ Percentage ”.

Thus, the spreadsheet will perform this assignment automatically when placing the symbol (%) , it can also be modified manually in the top menu.

Now, the formula to get the percentages is basically: the letter and the cell number of the general amount, divided between the letter and the number of the cell with the percentage.

But for Excel to perform the calculation, this must be placed in the cell where we want the result. For example:

In cell C3 (where we want the end) we can write: = A2 / B2 . In this way you will get the percentage of B2 with respect to A2.

Find the difference between two numbers

Knowing how to get percentages, you can proceed to do it between two numbers. This can be useful when it is necessary to establish the differences between two quantities and represent it as a percentage.

For which, the first value would be located in cell B3 and the second, in cell C3. From there, the formula = (C3-B3) / ABS (B3) in the cell where we want the difference to result.

This is possible since the ABS function is being used, so the formula divides the difference between the second and the first values by the absolute value of the first digit, which generates the percentage variation between both figures.

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Calculate percentage in Excel based on two quantities

In this case, as the headline indicates, it is about getting the percentage that one number represents with respect to another. This calculation is quite necessary, for example, for teachers who must establish the percentage of correct answers on an exam, or the percentage that a student’s mark represents on the total. There are other uses too.

For this, the variable or real value is placed in cell B3 and the total value in C3 (in this example, it varies according to use). In order to apply the formula as follows:

= B3 / C3 and must be written in the cell where the result is desired. Excel achieves this calculation by dividing the value of B3 by C3 to obtain the percentage with respect to C3.

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