What better way than trying a service before buying it, here we will show you all the available alternatives to enjoy Netflix without paying

Netflix has managed to reach a point where it offers a good quantity and quality of content at an affordable price. But that does not mean that from time to time rates rise, and taking into account the “Netflix” rate that the Spanish government wants to impose, it is likely that this will happen again in not long time. Is there a way to watch Netflix right now ?

Always staying within the legal tricks or “hacks”, there are a few ways to watch Netflix without spending money. It is clear that we are not going to discover penicillin, but in any case, if you know of any other method, do not hesitate to share it in the comments area. We started!

Take a look at the 10 series and movies that Netflix offers without registration

If what you want is to watch Netflix legally, this is the easiest way to get it. Since September 2020 Netflix has started offering completely free content to attract new subscribers. We just have to go to https://www.netflix.com/es/watch-free and start enjoying.

The best of all is that the 10 series and films that are available can be seen without registering or registering on the platform, and they are also in Spanish. Currently these are the productions that the streaming company has released:

  • Stranger things
  • Criminals at sea
  • Elite
  • Boss baby
  • Blindly
  • This is how they see us
  • Love is blind
  • The two popes
  • Our planet
  • Grace and frankie

It should be noted that in the case of the series it is only available in the first chapter. The idea is supposed to be that the content is rotating, so we can expect that these titles will be updated with new series and movies.

Get 7, 14 or 30 days trial … and then repeat the process

Depending on our country of origin, Netflix offers different trial periods. In the case of Spain, for example, there is currently no trial option (as indicated on this page of your helpcenter). But this has not always been the case, as this year it has been offering a month, 14 days and even a trial week. This past September, for example, we could still enjoy the trial month in Spain, although now it seems that this offer has disappeared again. Offers come and go.

Trucos para ver Netflix gratis

Anyway, once we have achieved our first trial period, the idea is to chain these trials. Do you think you can’t? The trick is to cancel the trial month before it ends , and wait for a new one to arrive. Netflix is known to offer a second trial period to “dissatisfied” users, after a couple of months.

In addition, if we re-hire Netflix after a year of our previous trial, it is most likely that here we will also have the first month.

Unfortunately, this way we would only get a maximum of 3 months, and that taking into account that we were very lucky. To get more, we would need several email accounts and credit cards (or other payment methods). In this way, we can talk with our relatives and use the data of our father, then those of our mother, siblings, etc. With this we would not get very far either, but without a doubt we would be saving a significant sum of money, which in the end is what it is all about.

Share the account and divide the price according to the number of screens

Once Netflix’s trial periods have run out, we have no choice but to find a good charitable soul. Depending on the Netflix subscription that a user has contracted, they can watch series and movies in streaming simultaneously from several devices at the same time.

This is very common with people who have friends online, buy an account and divide it.

  • Basic plan : 1 screen at a time.
  • Standard HD plan : 2 screens at a time.
  • Ultra HD premium plan : 4 screens at the same time.

Trucos para ver Netflix gratis

If we have someone you know who uses the premium plan only because it allows you to view content in Ultra HD , it is possible that you will see a screen – bearing in mind that you can share your account with up to 4 people. If the person is already paying for the service and is a very close friend or immediate family member, they will most likely not mind sharing it with you. Of course, remember to invite him to eat from time to time. Otherwise, the premium plan paid halfway between 4 people comes out to less than 4 euros / month per person, a quite acceptable figure on the other hand.

Keep an eye on Netflix promotions

Last July the streaming company launched a contest in which they gave away a subscription to Netflix for 1,000 months (or what is the same, 83 long years), which has been access for life for most of mortals.

This promotion was carried out on the occasion of the premiere of the film La Vieja Guardia , and for this we had to win the game of the same name that is available online (and still active, in case you are interested in trying it).

Netflix is constantly offering promotions and discounts that may interest you. They will not always be selling you the subscription, they also give you to try some of their content

Logically, the contest is over and the prize is distributed, but there is nothing to prevent the company from launching a new similar advertising campaign tomorrow to promote its next big premiere. In order not to miss this type of opportunity, nothing better than following Netflix on its social networks. His Twitter account is one of the most active in the community.

Check the Netflix offers from operators and companies in your country

Netflix has become such a popular streaming platform that many companies and operators offer their services among their offerings. In Spain, for example, Movistar offers 3 months of Netflix for free when contracting the Fusión Selección Champions X2 100Mb plan (offer valid until June 30).

Orange for its part, also offers Netflix free for life in its Orange Love Netflix package included. It includes a basic plan, but we can also go up to the standard plan for 3 euros more, or to the premium for 6 extra euros. In addition, it also offers 3 months of Netflix for free at numerous rates. A truly varied offer, without a doubt.

Other companies such as Vodafone or Euskaltel also allow you to contract Netflix with their services, but they do not offer any offer, being the same price as if we contract it on our own.

Watch Netflix ONLINE by accessing through coupon codes

Netflix series

I believe that Netflix is not an expensive service, however in some countries it can be due to their economic situation, that is why here we will share all coupon code that we find available on the internet to access a Netflix premium account legally. In which you can watch your favorite movies and series for free, so you can realize at that time if for your case it is worth or not to pay the monthly subscription on Netflix directly.

coupon codes available for November:















How to watch Netflix on mobile devices

An excellent alternative for those who only use cell phones is to enter through the official free subscription offered by netflix to some countries.

You must keep in mind that this method only works on android mobile devices.


  • Download the Hola VPN application or any other application that allows you to use a Vietnam connection. (you can download it by clicking here).


  • Download The Netflix App From Play Store or If You Already Have The App, Clear Data, Cache and Force Stop (in order to delete the history and location data)


  • Open the Hola VPN, choose the Netflix App, under More Countries choose Vietnam and click Connect. (The Netflix application will open automatically)


  • Create An Account With New Email and Click Start A Free Plan


  • Create A Password and Click (I Agree and I Am Over 18 Years Old)


  • Click Create Account.

    That’s all you need to do to get your free netflix account. KEEP YOUR VPN CONNECTED TO BE ABLE TO WATCH THE SERIES OR MOVIES. If you log in without the VPN you will lose the trial version as it will detect your country and it is probably not covered by this free netflix policy.
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