YouTube is a platform that has a community that exceeds one billion users . A really important number, so there is surely an audience that is willing to see the content of your channel. Once you have a certain number of subscribers, the goal you should set is for them to play your videos.

At the end of it all, it is useless to have hundreds of videos published if they will not be viewed by anyone. Similarly, if you consider that your first videos are useful content and you want them to get more views, you should use certain techniques that we will explain later to increase the views of your old videos.

It should be noted that reproductions is one of the most important metrics but you must see all the statistics with Google Analytics so that you do not neglect other important factors and your channel can expand and generate more income through it.

If you want to increase the reproductions of your old videos and even improve the number of reproductions of the new videos that you upload to your YouTube channel, keep reading this article, as we will explain how to get it quickly and easily.

How to get more views on old videos?

If you want to improve your views to get more followers on YouTube, you will have to use a repositioning strategy. For this we will have to access our channel and click on our image in the upper right corner.

There we will have to click on Youtube study and then go to the analytics tab and in the left panel we will have to look for the option called viewing time and there we can observe in detail the viewing metrics of our videos.

There we can sort the videos according to the number of views, which is good to know which ones have less and which ones to work with. Once we see this, we will have to select a video that we want to reposition.

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There we can and will have to modify the title of the video, looking for a more interesting name that can attract the attention of more users. Another fundamental aspect is to change the thumbnail and place a new one that is directly related to a fundamental aspect of the video.

And above all, it is important to place tags in case you do not have them or add more that are linked and related to your video and current events so that it can appear among the search results of the users. A good alternative to implement these settings is to search for keywords.

To get the best keywords we can go to the search engine and write something related to the content of our video and extract the ideas that YouTube throws at us in the search engine.

Recommendations to increase the views of YouTube videos

For many, these recommendations might be a bit obvious, however, there are many content creators who overlook these details that in the end can mean more views and more subscribers for your channel.

Avoid putting up too many ads

Adding more ads to your videos is one of the main ways to generate income on YouTube, however, overloading your video with ads can be very unpleasant for your subscribers and consequently your videos could significantly decrease the number of views. You could even lose multiple subscribers.

Upload excellent content

This is logical but the content goes beyond what is said in the video. Good content also has to do with audio that sounds perfectly good, neat editing and images that accompany the video to give more visual elements to all who see your content.

cinta de video

If your content is very good, people will share it, subscribe to your channel and they will be in charge of helping you spread your channel. Don’t worry about the length of the video or because it is the best production. Focus on the content adding value to your audience.

Optimize your video to match the right people at the right time

Optimizing a video means that it appears among the list of suggested and related videos, so it could attract potential subscribers. To optimize you should focus on the title, tag, description and thumbnail.

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