How to get migration passports in Rise of Kingdoms – Passport Page

Rise of Kingdoms, noted for its unparalleled realism, details and the way it forces us to think, can definitely become the favorite game of many.
Read on, today we will show you how to get migration passports in Rise of Kingdoms and you will have no more excuses not to explore new frontiers; Show your friends already about this post, so that everyone can migrate to the same kingdom.

How to get migration passports in Rise of Kingdoms – Passport Page

What is the use of kingdom migration in Rise of Kingdoms?

The migration in Rise of Kingdoms is to obtain better resources, at a higher speed than in your original kingdom.

Each realm is independent of the other, and therefore they do not mix. In the case that someone changes kingdoms, we lose sight of them; because they are in a different map from ours.

What are passport pages and what are the requirements to migrate in Rise of Kingdoms?

Passport pages are a type of consumable object, which is used in Rise of Kingdoms to migrate between kingdoms. There is no other function, but it is one of the necessary requirements to be able to move.

How to see the requirements? To see these requirements you must move away from the map, and click on the world icon at the bottom of the screen; it will automatically open the “List of Kingdoms” window in order. When you select one, you will see the list of existing kingdoms.

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How to get migration passports in Rise of Kingdoms – Passport Page

When you click on the number of a realm, the “Realm Information” window will appear, with the list of the six zones of that map; there are two buttons for each one: “View” and “Immigrate“. When you click on “Immigrate“, the following requirements for changing realm will appear:

  • To have a council level equal or higher than 16.
  • Depending on your level of power, have a required number of passport pages.
  • You cannot have troops marching in any campaign.
  • You can not be in the middle of a battle.
  • You cannot be in any alliance if you are already in one, you must leave it.
  • If you have more resources than your tank allows, you must spend or donate them.
  • If you want to know the exact amount, you must search for the depot in your city and click on the blue information icon.
  • The kingdom must be 120 days old.
  • Imperium type realms accept players with less than 25 million power only once a month.

How to get migration passports in Rise of Kingdoms?

As you saw my dear player, most of the requirements are easy, but you will need to get passport pages. How?

How to get migration passports in Rise of Kingdoms – Passport Page

You can get them in 2 ways:

  1. By buying a “Value Pack” with real money or through the alliance store in your city. For this you must have an officer or leader rank.
  2. In the second case, you must go to the option “Alliance> Alliance Store> Alliance Inventory”, where you will find the icon to buy the items. Where you will see the icon to buy passport pages. It can be with alliance credits, or individual ones.

The alliance must have reached a certain level, and have enough resources to let you do it. It is recommended, first try to have the necessary number of passport sheets, before leaving the alliance to change realm.

We always try to find useful tips and tricks to get gems in Rise of Kingdoms, or to improve our power and resources. And in that search, sometimes we prefer to change realm in Rise of Kingdoms and join another alliance; this will work for you if you have a level lower than 8, otherwise you will have to make a migration.

As an additional trick, we recommend you to send your troops to the hospital to decrease your power; this will reduce the number of passport pages needed for your migration in Rise of Kingdoms.

We hope we have helped you 🙂

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