Getting free diamonds in Hay Day is possible and it is something that you can take advantage of to progress in your farm and overcome your friends who also play it, if you like farms, who would say that you could have a digital one, without a doubt there are games that catch us , so take advantage and build your farm, we leave you some tips and tricks that will be useful to obtain diamonds throughout the game.

How To Get Free Diamonds On Hay Day – Helpful Tips And Tricks

Some tips to get free diamonds

Although you can play without needing the diamonds, having them will allow you to reach those friends who have advanced more than you in the game because they sell more of their farm products, so the diamonds will allow you to progress in the production of your farm so that you can trade with them.

You can get free diamonds in Hay Day taking advantage of the Facebook platform , follow them on their official page, Supercell (the same creators of Boom Beach and Clash Royale), they reward the loyalty of their players, if you keep up with their page.

Also every time the game has an update they notify you and you will see rewards in diamonds for your loyalty; Take advantage of the platform to organize competitions and synchronize your Hay Day game with Facebook will make you worthy of the diamonds you need.

Use Hay Day’s tools to get diamonds

By downloading and playing Hay Day you will get different opportunities that you can take advantage of to get the diamonds for free and legally , they are little tricks that will be very practical, do not spend all the diamonds learn to manage them well; however it is important that you be observant during the game and take some risks to obtain them.

Newspapers, keep an eye on them when you level up you will find near them a purple ticket that will give you access to watch a video tutorial, for just doing that you will get two diamonds, as you progress through the game you will get different tickets to see advertising For example at Movie Night, just by watching these videos you earn more diamonds.

animales de granja de hay day

The mines are the largest source of diamonds in the game, open your mine and use TNT to explode and find them; however it will be necessary to get the TNT and Tom can help you get it, hire his services by paying with diamonds if you have enough and he will look for it for you, every time you exploit the mine you will get more.

To obtain diamonds in the mine not only use dynamite, take advantage of other tools such as shovels and picks, the picks have a higher rate of obtaining these stones, to get them you can also take advantage of Tom’s services, in the mine you will also get some metals and if you don’t need them you can sell them.

Extra tricks to have more diamonds

Every time you finish a level, you get an achievement which gives you 1 or 2 diamonds as a reward, if you challenge your friends and beat their records you can win prizes, of course you must claim your prize, keep an eye on the gifts that Supercell leaves at your house If you play every day and update your game, they always give you more gifts among those diamonds that you love so much.

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Take advantage of leaving your net on the pier and when you check the chests and toolboxes you could be pleasantly surprised to find a diamond and do not forget to invest in shopping at a farm that for every 100 you spend they give you a diamond, it is worth a try .

In conclusion, getting free diamonds at Hay Day is very simple, you just have to be a loyal player, take advantage of the digital platforms and tools that the game offers you; This is your opportunity to explore your skills when playing building your farm from your mobile, it is time to trade with the production and animals of your farm, we hope these tips and tricks will be useful to you.

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