Twitch is the best platform for streaming and recording video games that exists today, as it offers many benefits to people who join. One of these benefits is Prime, which allows you to make your streaming experience more complete . That is why today you will learn how to get and have Twitch Prime for free?

Because if something is going to be done, it must be done the best possible, and this applies to streaming, since when activating the Prime version of the Twitch platform, basically you will be granted a series of benefits (which will be told to you below) which will help you grow on the platform allowing you to monetize Twitch streams more effectively.

How to Get and Get Free Twitch Prime? – What advantages does it offer you?

How to get and get free Twitch Prime?

Now, the first thing you have to know is that you cannot get and have Twitch Prime for free, at least not forever, since in order to enjoy this service you need to pay the Amazon Prime subscription (mandatory), which costs 4 euros .

However, you can enjoy this service for free for 30 days or a month, because there is a trial version that you can use just by having an Amazon account and a Twitch account.

To activate this test, you must first go to the official Twitch page, within it you have to press the button called “Try Prime” (which is found in the upper bar), this action will redirect you to another section where you have to press “Start my trial period”.

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That will send you to Amazon, where you must create an account or log in if you already have one. Then you have to follow the steps indicated on the screen to finish the linking process (usually it is only to press a confirmation button that will appear after entering the account).

With that you can return to Twitch, where you will now see a white crown which belongs to the Prime members. It should be noted that despite being a test, you will enjoy all the benefits that the normal subscription brings you.

The benefits of Twitch Prime the subscription of the future

Now that you know how to get and have Twitch Prime for free, it is time for you to see what are the benefits that are granted to you for subscribing to this wonderful service (which is completely worth it)

First advantage free games every month

You can get free game monthly, which will give you the same Amazon. These come from their library of games (there are many good titles), and to download them you just have to press a simple button.

Second perk exclusive loot

The second notable perk is the starter packs and special loot loot for each game. Since Amazon will give you skins for your characters and weapons from all the games in its catalog (not just the ones you have).

Third advantage subscriptions and personalization

The third benefit is perhaps one of the best, since you can subscribe for free (once) to any Twitch channel that you choose, and in addition to that you will receive exclusive emoticons for your chat, different color options, among many other aspects of customization .

Fourth advantage extra storage

The last but not least important advantage of this list is the fact that the storage of your Twitch videos will be extended from 14 days to 60 , so that anyone will be able to watch them for much longer.

skins de armas twitch prime

And voila, with that you know enough to say that you know how to get and have Twitch Prime for free, and you also know what advantages this paid service offers you. Now you just have to go to the page and hire the Prime.

Remember that Twitch is much more than just a platform to watch live shows, so it doesn’t hurt to look for more information about it, such as: how to do a live from the PC with Twitch without lag. Because it’s not just fun to watch, it’s also fun to stream.

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