YouTube is an application widely used on millions of devices, be it computers, tablets or mobiles with different operating systems to watch music videos, tutorials and much more.

However, their operation can be interrupted by various failures or errors, but don’t worry, most have a simple solution. Today we will show you how to fix YouTube error 410 on Android easily.

Why am I getting YouTube error 410 on Android?

YouTube error 410 on Android is quite common, the explanation for this error is that the application does not get the requested resource. It is similar to the 404 error and usually has various causes, sometimes it has to do with problems in the network, others with a low capacity of the device to run the application and other times with failures in the YouTube platform.

solucionar error en youtube

It is also possible that YouTube has already stopped working for the Android version of your device, in that case you will only have the option to continue using the YouTube mobile website. However, in most cases, error 410 has a simple solution, here we will explain several methods to get the YouTube app on your mobile to work again.

How do I fix YouTube error 410 on Android?

As we have already mentioned, the error 410 of the YouTube app on Android can have different causes, therefore there is no single solution for all cases . Next, we describe the steps you should follow to try to solve this error in various ways.

Change your internet connection

If error 410 appears when opening the YouTube app, try changing the connection you are using on your mobile to rule out possible errors in the network. To do this, close the application and if you are using a Wi-Fi connection, change it to a 3G, 4G or LTE mobile data connection , then try to open YouTube again and play a video.

If YouTube plays the videos correctly again, then the problem was not with the app itself but with the network connection. This may be due to some failure with your network server or perhaps some misconfigured proxy on the network for your device.

Clear app cache and data

Many times a failure presented in an Android application can be solved by clearing the cache and data of the application in question. For this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings or Settings on your mobile and select the “Applications” option, you will see a list of all installed apps, search for “Youtube” and click on it.
  2. Then press «Manage storage space» and press the button «Delete cache memory» and then «Delete application data».

This will cause the YouTube app to restart and it is possible that the error that was presenting will be solved. Many users have managed to remedy YouTube error 410 with this method.

Check YouTube updates

One of the reasons why YouTube may be presenting errors is because the app has not been updated correctly, so installing the latest version of the application on your mobile may be the solution to your problem.

youtube funcionando en android

  1. Open “Play Store” on your device, and press the menu button at the top left of the screen.
  2. Select “My apps and games” and click on the “Updates” tab.
  3. Check if there is any update available for YouTube, if so, press the “Update” button next to the application and wait for it to download and install the update.

If your device fails to install the update, you may need to free up internal storage space for the update to install properly.

Other options

Another option to solve the error is to log out of your YouTube account on all your devices and then open it again with your Google account. You can also try uninstalling the app and downloading and installing it again from the Play Store.

Others have found the solution by removing the Google account from Android and reconfiguring it after restarting the device. Hopefully one of these methods has given you the solution and you can continue to enjoy YouTube on your Android.

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