The problem of the Epic Launcher going blank is very common, so today you will learn how to fix the Epic Games Launcher error when it goes blank , so that you can enjoy your favorite games again.

What is the Epic Games Launcher?

In recent times digital video game distributions have become the most common, at least it is so on PC. In relation to this, there are many companies that have started in the world of game distribution, such as Steam or Epic Games.

Epic Games Store is the official store of the company and its main software for its operation is the Epic Games Launcher. Through this program you can purchase video games, and you can also easily access them. This program can be downloaded directly from the Epic Games Launcher download.

The Epic Launcher has become very popular for games like Fortnite or its weekly free video game offers. In this regard, if you are interested in playing Fortnite for free, you should first know if Fortnite runs or is compatible with your PC. In short, it is a launcher that every PC video game lover should have, but it is not without problems.

How to fix the Epic Games Launcher error when it goes blank

The problem when the Epic Games Launcher goes blank is relatively common, being one of the most annoying. This problem can occur on any computer regardless of its characteristics, which is why almost everyone has had it.

fortnite campo de juego

While the inconvenience of the Epic launcher can be annoying, fortunately there are several measures that can be taken. Given this, we have prepared this guide looking for the resolution of the error of the white screen of the launcher of Epic Games.

Possible solution to the Epic launcher problem

The following solution has proven to be efficient in many cases, however, some preparations will be necessary before starting. It is important to see some of the hidden Windows files for this process, so the first thing to do is to enable the option to see them.

The process to view hidden or system files is very easy, but it will be necessary to access certain options. Go to any folder on the system to go to the Windows folder options. At the top left of the screen is the option “Organize” you must click on it.

By clicking on the mentioned option, “Folder and search options” will appear, select it. After this a new window will appear, there go to the “View” tab and among the multiple options select “Show hidden files, folders and drives.” To finish, click on “Accept” and the configuration will be completed.

On the other hand, if for some reason, hidden files still do not appear, we have this guide to show hidden files on your PC. Without further ado let’s continue with the tutorial.

Solution to the Epic Games Launcher going blank

Now is the time to proceed with the solution to the white screen of the Epic Games Launcher. For this, it is necessary to go to the local base disk of the system, which is commonly located at C: /. In any case, if you have a single hard drive there is no loss, because that will be where you must access.

epic games launcher windows

Once on your hard drive, you must locate the folder “Users / Users” and click on it to open it. Locate your user in Windows and open that folder, here you must search for “AppData” and access it. Inside AppData is “Low” access this folder to continue with the process.

You will notice that many applications appear in Low, but the one that interests us in this case is Epic Games Launcher. Once inside the folder, you must access “Saved” and go to “webcache”. Select all the webchache files and delete them from the system.

After performing the above process, you should start the Epic Game Launcher , if everything went well, it should work correctly. On the other hand, if you have problems like forgetting your password, we have a guide to resetting your Epic Games password easily.

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