Want to fix “ros.exe stopped working” error in Rules of Survival game? This program can present you with this failure when starting a new game , ending in a black screen and stopping the program.

It is something that is commonly related to corrupt files or the interruption of reading the game data. The truth is that these are points that you can try from your computer and find a solution to this problem.

Admin compatibility

When you run online games from an operating system like Windows 10 , the issue of “Compatibility” is taken very seriously . In this sense, such software is highly automated, and it always makes the relevant adjustments so that the programs run correctly.

That said, it is a feature that only occurs when you point it to the OS, and not otherwise. Therefore, if you want to try to solve the error “ros.exe stopped working” (which may be subject to this aspect) you must activate the compatibility execution.

To achieve this, you must go to the game folder, where you can find the Rules of Survival launcher. Once inside the folder, you must locate the icon of the application that you use to start the game.

When you have it located, right-click and choose the “Properties” option that will take you to a pop-up window with several tabs. There, there will be one that will say ” Compatibility” and that you must select to continue.

modo administrador windows 10

Within this section you will be able to detail a box that indicates that the program will start with the administrator settings. After selecting this field, click on “Apply” and then on “OK.”

Delete WINDOWS / temp and WINDOWS / prefetch folders

Many users agree in the help forums that one of the ways to solve the error “ros.exe stopped working” is by deleting certain content . These files are stored in a folder within the primary location of the system.

These folders are called “Temp” and Prefetch “and you can find them in the Windows folder on the startup disk. Accessing them is simple, you just have to locate the place by following this address “Disk C / Windows /”.

From here you just have to locate each of the file cabinets and delete what is inside them. But be careful! You should only disappear what is inside the folders and you are in themselves, since it can cause conflicts in the registry.

Conflicts with the Antivirus

Among other things, it is also presumed that programs that protect your computer from being infected or spied on may cause conflicts with the program. In other words, antivirus programs tend to consider certain files as harmful to the health of your computer.

But, not all those who consider as harmful tend to be , which generates certain problems with the functionality of the programs. Now, whether you use Windows Defender or have installed an antivirus other than this, you must have an exclusion mode. It allows, as indicated, to ignore certain files or folders when analyzing the protective program.

antivirus windows 10 ventana

You just have to locate the option between the antivirus settings that you have installed on your computer and choose the game folder. Thus, it will not be subject to the safety margins , and the program will cause problems, something that will possibly solve the error “ros.exe stopped working”.

Update video drivers to fix “ros.exe stopped working” error

Another reason you may witness Rules of Survival closing error is due to obsolescence in the video controller. Since, once a new version of the program takes effect, the previous one stops working as it should.

In such a case, you should go to the developer’s page and download the indicated driver. You can also use Windows tools for this, as long as the Update does not present errors or problems.

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