Pokémon Go is a game that was ahead of its time , as it brought many innovative features and tools to the table. However, and although it is very good, it also has many bugs (such as error 11 and 12 fake joystick GPS), that is why today you will see How to fix the error or connection problem of Pokémon GO on the Switch?

And, although the integration of this game with the best Nintendo console was one of the greatest joys for fans of the Pikachu franchise, it has also become a headache due to the number of connection failures it presents. The good thing is that they have a solution.

How to fix the Pokémon GO connection error or problem on the Switch?

Going straight to today’s point, the first thing you have to know in order to fix the Pokémon GO connection error or problem on the Switch is that there are different solutions for this problem and they are all very easy to do (super short).

Number one is perhaps the simplest, but that is not why you have to stop doing it, and it is serious to verify that your bluetooth is activated on your smart device (Android, tablet, etc).

Remember that the connectivity of this game with the Nintendo is done with this system, so having your bluetooth deactivated or that it is not compatible, may be what is throwing you the error.

mando nintendo switch blanco

In the event that your bluetooth is activated and you still have connection problems, then you must go to the second process to fix this failure, which would be to restart and synchronize the game and the application.

To do this, you must first uninstall and reinstall the Pokémon GO application from your mobile, once it is downloaded verify that the game is in its most current version.

If so, then restart your mobile, if not, then you will have to update Pokémon Go to its latest version available, and then proceed to restart your smartphone.

Once that is completed, go to your console and verify that the airplane mode is deactivated (you do this from the same home), then synchronize the game with the mobile application and that’s it, that should solve your connection errors.

Try a different device!

With the above you should have already been able to fix the Pokémon GO connection error or problem on the Switch, but if this was not the case, then there is still one last thing you can try to try to get rid of this error, and this would be to test the game on a different smart device.

par de controles nintendo switch

The only thing you have to do to achieve this process is to try to synchronize the console to another smart device that is not the one you use regularly, in the event that this works for you, you mean that it is your device or mobile that has failures , so you will have to contact your technician to fix it.

Or, failing that, you should contact Nintendo support from its official website, and explain the situation to them, to see if they have any available solution.

And voila, with that you finished today’s guide, so you can say that you know how to fix the error or connection problem of Pokémon GO on the Switch , so you can leave here to start applying any of the solutions described .

But before you continue on your way, remember that this is not the only failure that can present you, so it would not hurt to look for articles such as: How to log into my Pokémon Go account if I cannot enter? , to complement your information.

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