Welcome back! If you enjoy Netflix content on a regular basis, chances are you’ve experienced some bugs with their app or website. In this sense, today we will talk about the error code UI-113 and what you have to do to fix it in a few minutes. Let’s get to it!

What is Netflix error code UI-113?

This error code appears when the Netflix app that you have installed or downloaded on your device cannot connect to the official platform. This problem has multiple causes: problems with the home network, internet connection or device difficulties to connect with Netflix.

Without a doubt, this error is a nightmare, but fortunately it has multiple solutions that we will talk about later so that this error does not prevent you from enjoying your favorite Netflix movies and series.

Possible solutions for Netflix error code UI-113

Below we will show you different solutions that you should try to solve the Netflix error code UI-113 quickly and easily. We assure you that this will not take you more than ten minutes.

You simply have to try each of the solutions to see which one solves the error code, since not all solutions work for all devices.

Access Netflix from a web browser

To try to solve the Netflix error code UI-113 we recommend that you go to the official Netflix page from your PC. If the problem persists when you try to access the website, then a major problem occurs with the server of this streaming platform, so you will have to wait a few minutes for it to be solved.

solucionar error netflix

Try restarting the device

You simply have to restart the device from which you are trying to enter the Netflix application, be it on Roku TV, Google Chromecast, a mobile or tablet. In case your device is in hibernation or power saving mode, then you should make sure to turn it off completely before proceeding to restart it.

Log out and clear the cache

Generally, when exiting Netflix on any device, the cache data will be cleared automatically. In case the device does not show the option to log out, then you can go to the official Netflix website to force log out of all registered devices.

Update or reinstall the app

You can also delete the Netflix app from your device to reinstall it after a few minutes to fix the Netflix error code UI-113 . In addition, we also recommend that you update the Netflix app in the latest version of the Google Play Store, which also helps to solve this annoying error that prevents us from enjoying the usual Netflix programming.

Restart your home network

In many cases, the main cause of the Netflix error code UI-113 is an internet connection problem. That is why we recommend that you turn off and then disconnect your home network devices for a few minutes. After that period of time passes, you can connect the computers again to see if the error has been solved.

Improve internet speed

Finally, we recommend you improve the speed of your Wi-Fi, since this is one of the most effective measures that exist to fix the Netflix error code UI-113 .

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In this sense, you can change your connection to Ethernet (in case you use Wi-Fi). But, if you can’t connect directly to the modem, then try moving the wifi antenna around to optimize the internet signal.

Now, if you have already tried all the solutions that we showed you above, then you have to contact the manufacturer of your device, the customer service team of your Internet service provider or even Netflix so they can give you a definitive solution.

We are done for today! If this information has been useful to you and you were indeed able to solve the Netflix error code UI-113 , then do not forget to share it with all your contacts through social networks. See you in the next post!

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