How to fix JURASSIC WORLD ALIVE game error 10044 easily

In this opportunity we will be explaining to you how to fix error 10044 in the game JURASSIC WORLD ALIVE easily. Surely you are going through that uncomfortable and annoying moment when an error occurs in your favorite game just when you were very comfortable and enjoying yourself.
Fortunately, this article will help you to solve this particular error with the help of the guide that we will show you below. So read on, and you will find out how to fix it.


But first, let us tell you a little of its history. The story of this video game started when the Jurassic Park franchise came up with the idea of giving something similar to those in the Pokémon Go era. Jurassic World alive is an augmented reality video game that is about capturing dinosaurs, unlike Pokémon Go, here you don’t keep the dinosaurs, on the contrary, you must take them to different places.
The dinosaurs you capture will be sent to the dinosaur protection group. A specialized study center of this amazing creature.
The game is free and can be downloaded in the Play Store, this video game can certainly become very entertaining for children.


Error 10044 is the most common error in the video game Jurassic World Alive, this error appears because there are internet connection problems, so we recommend you to take into account the following possible solutions for this annoying error:

Wait a moment:

Yes, it is usually the solution to the problem, there are people who when they see this error run to see the solution immediately, but do not wait patiently. That’s right, error 10044 is commonly due to bad internet connection.

Check your internet connection:

Solution number two would be to check your internet connection, it is possible that you are using the game with your phone’s mobile data and so signal and internet connection failures are something to evaluate if you encounter Jurassic Park error 10044. So make sure that your internet connection and mobile data are working properly, because an unstable internet connection can cause crashes when playing the Jurassic World Alive game.

Check the applications that are using more data:

Nowadays social networks, I don’t mean all of them, are the ones that tend to consume most of your smartphone’s energy and data. In any case, it does not hurt to take this into account and avoid error 10044 in Jurassic World. If you have already done the analysis of which applications consume more data, you can make the decision to restrict the data of these applications so that there is no more error 10044 in Jurassic World alive.

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How to fix JURASSIC WORLD ALIVE game error 10044 easily
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