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Have you ever wondered if there is a map that allows you to search beyond just directions? Well, the immediate answer is yes, for example: finding restaurants near my location with Google Maps is completely possible and easier than people can think.

Certainly it is for sheer convenience, who does not want to have all the business information and parts of their city in the palm of their hand? Control is what we need and in a globalized world, the answers must arrive with just one click.

Remember to create a Google or Gmail account to access this great technological tool.

Can I easily find restaurants near my location with Google Maps?

Google Maps is an application with years in the market, it is one of the longest-lived and with the best references from users, it is used for GPS navigation and as a guide to tourist sites, restaurants, museums, among others.

How is this possible if it is a GPS? Well, what differentiates Google Maps is that you can register your businesses or places in it, and once you are close or even if you just want to search out of curiosity, everyone who knows have enrolled.

So the answer is yes, of course you can find restaurants near my location with Google Maps as easy as one click.

How do I use Google Maps to find the food I need?

Its operation is simple, you only need to have the Google Maps application, you give it ” Open “, and just when you enter you ” Press ” explore, on the screen that will appear once the search is finished, a menu will appear with options such as: hotels, supermarkets, among other things that may be of interest.


encontrar restaurantes en google maps

Obviously ” Pulsas ” Restaurants. Immediately, red points of locations will appear on the map that Google Maps shows, you can surf through each of them if you want, but to make the experience more personal you can also filter results.

For this you have to look in the search bar that is below, because it is the one that will let you sort everything by “Personal Match” , filtering the results so that only kitchen restaurants that you personally like appear.

To the left of this filter there is a button (shaped like a circle), it can be used to see each of the available filters.

Which are very specific, since they order the restaurants by, rating, by the kitchen ( type ), and the hours in which it operates and stops operating. So it’s no longer just about finding restaurants near my location with Google Maps, with this tool you can edit everything to find the ideal place.

You can also enter or put GPS coordinates in Google Maps if necessary, and then put labels on the addresses of the places in Google Maps that correspond to the restaurants.

Restaurant tab

Finally and as a final means to influence your decision of which restaurant to visit, after filtering the information, you can return to the back menu, and slide down to see each of the tabs of each restaurant.

At the beginning, each one is shown as a summary but when ” Pressing “, on any of them, the complete information of the selected site will appear, such as:

A summary (in most cases quite complete), the hours in which this works, and the phone numbers that people can contact.


restaurantes cercanos a mi ubicación

There is also another tab, which is the one that shows the always important opinion of other consumers , as well as a letter or menu if you just want to take a look, what they sell is completely possible.

Finally there is a final tab, where the plates that are served as real images are shown. In the same way, from the same application you can even reserve a table.

Using the phone to find restaurants near my location with Google Maps has many more benefits than going for a drive in the car to see what you eat. For more amenities and complete experiences, a round of applause for the giant.

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