Currently there are a variety of applications and websites to flirt, however if you are widowed, single or divorced and are over 50 years old there is an app and a website that has been created with you in mind; This dating site is called OurTime which has many functions. It also aims to give you another chance in love.

Registering in OurTime is free, the only requirement is to be over fifty years old and want to meet new people; In this post we will teach you how to enter, log in and register for an OurTime account .

How to Enter, Login and Register in my OurTime Account

How to register in OurTime?

Registering in OurTime is very simple, but in order to create an account you must be over 50 years old, if you are younger there are applications such as Badoo in which you can register for free, Meetic or Tinder, which have different functions and interests.

  1. Enter the URL in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Once inside the dating site, you will see the front page of OurTime where a coach will ask you what are you looking for? You must click on the button of your preference “I’m looking for a man” or “I’m looking for a woman” to start the registration process .
  3. Now you must select what your gender is and click on «Continue».
  4. You must enter your date of birth and click the green button with an arrow to continue the process.
  5. Indicate the town where you are and click on the arrow.
  6. Write the name you will use in OurTime and click on the arrow. manos juntas formando un corazon
  7. Enter the email that you will associate with your OurTime account and click the arrow again.
  8. Create a password of at least 8 characters and click the arrow again.
  9. In this part of the process you must answer a question about OurTime, which is Where have you heard about OurTime ?; To give your answer you must click on «Select» and a menu will be displayed where you will see a series of answers, select one of them, then click on the arrow.
  10. In this step you must check the first two boxes (mandatory) where you will certify your age and give your consent to OurTime for the processing of your data; the third box is optional if you want to receive offers or promotions; then click on «Continue».
  11. The OurTime cover will appear welcoming you, in that window you must click on the green button “That’s it” to go on to answer some personal questions.
  12. Add a photo for your profile .
  13. Now you must answer some questions about what you are looking for in the other person, this will allow OurTime to suggest candidates who may have an affinity with you.
  14. After answering all these questions, OurTime will indicate that your profile is complete, click on “Follow on the web” to advance to your profile.
  15. It is important that after all these steps you go to your email to activate your account, for this you must open the email that OurTime sent you and click on the “Ship now” button. With the previous click, OurTime will ask you to log in by entering your email and password to certify that it is a real account.

Steps to log into your OurTime account

  1. Enter
  2. Once inside the platform, go to the upper right corner and click on the green “Connect” button . usuario de ourtime iniciando sesion en su cuenta
  3. You will immediately see two boxes on the screen, in the first you must enter the email you registered on the platform and in the second box the password .
  4. Finally click on the green “Connect” button to log into your account.

OurTime app

You can use OurTime from your smartphome by downloading the app from Google Play or App Store , registering is very similar to the web version; You have to enter your name, characteristics they are looking for in the other person and your interests, you must also add a photo.

Using the OurTime application or website to create a profile is very simple, it only takes a few minutes; then you can enjoy meeting many people and starting conversations with interesting topics, according to the stage of your life in which you are.

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