acceder a router jazztel movistar vodafone

It is usual that from time to time we need to access our router (Jazztel, Vodafone, Movistar, Ono etc). Either to change the WiFi password or any other change that we want to make on our network. Maybe a neighbor is stealing our WiFi and we want to catch him red-handed!

It is also usually common that either by A or by B we do not get access to the lucky router. In order to meet our goal we need to know 2 things:

  • The IP address or gateway of the router.
  • The access username / password (not to be confused with the username / password to connect to the WiFi network).

Note: access to the router can be done both from a PC and from an Android / iOS phone or tablet, etc. that is connected to the same wireless network. If you have an Android device, you can also take a look at the following dedicated post ” How to access a router from Android ” where you will see everything much clearer.

What is the IP address of the router?

The IP address of almost any router is usually always the same: it is either or . So far everything is correct, but how do we try to ” access the router “? It is very simple, just open our browser and write one of these 2 IPs in the address bar.

acceder router jazztel movistar vodafone
Both and are usually the most common gateways

Don’t be overwhelmed if you can’t guess the router’s IP address. In this case, take your Android mobile and install the «Router Setup Page» application. It is an app that shows 2 buttons: one of them tells us what the router’s IP address is, and the other button takes us directly to the access page, opening a new page in the web browser of our terminal.

Router Setup Page - ¡Ajusta tu enrutador!
Router Setup Page - ¡Ajusta tu enrutador!
Router Setup Page – Set up your router!
Developer: NevrGivApp
Price: Free

Simple but highly effective!

Possible causes of the router access problem

If your browser does not detect or resolve any IP, it means that the gateway to the router has changed (something that you can check in any case by installing the app that we just mentioned in the previous point). It’s a bit strange, but it also happens …

Another possibility is that you are not connected to the WiFi network. Remember that to access the router you must first be connected and within the same network . You can be connected via WiFi or through a network cable. Of course, without being inside it is impossible to access the router as indicated.

Once inside the network if what we want is to enter the Jazztel, Vodafone, Ono, Movistar or Eltel router, regardless of the provider , the access procedure will always be the same .

Accessing from network options (Windows)

You can also access the router’s settings from the Windows file explorer. Click on the side quick access select ” Network ” and double click on the router icon . The browser will be loaded directly to enter the router.

In the following explanatory video we can see how to do the whole process step by step. From loading the IP by hand to the side quick access if we are working with a Windows PC:

Using an app to access (Android and iOS)

If we are trying to access from an Android terminal we can also use a tool for the occasion, such as the aforementioned Router Setup Page. If you have an iPhone or iPad, we can also install a similar application that meets the same objective, such as Router Admin Setup .

‎Router Admin Setup
‎Router Admin Setup
Router Admin Setup
Developer: sandip paghadar
Price: Free +

Once installed, we only have to enter the « Router Info » section and look at the IP indicated in the « Gateway IP « field.

User and password to access the router

Now comes the hardest part: the credentials. When you load the IP or in your browser, the first thing you will see will be a message that asks for a username and password. Remember that these credentials are not the same as the ones you use to connect to the WiFi network , but rather the access credentials of the router. And what are those credentials then?

Normally, the username and password to access the router are usually indicated on a sticker or sticker on the back of the router itself . If the credentials are not valid it is possible that you have changed the access password at some point. In such a case, routers usually have a very tiny reset button on the back. Use a pin and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the router shuts down and automatically reboots. Once the router is reset (give it a minute or two, the router needs some time to reboot) try logging in again with the same credentials.

acceder router jazztel movistar vodafone
Use a small pin to reset the router

If your router does not have any sticker with the default username and password, you can also try with the standard credentials that all operators establish for their routers.

Router access credentials Jazztel, Movistar, Vodafone, Euskaltel, ONO, GTD, CLARO, VTR, Eltel, Pepephone, Orange, Masmovil, Yoigo, Amena, Symio, Iusacell, Avantel, Virgin Mobile, Entel, Kolbi and Tigo

These are the ” factory ” access credentials for some of the most popular telemarketers:

Movistar : User 1234 password 1234

Vodafone : User vodafone password vodafone

Euskaltel : User ““ (leave the field empty) password admin

ONO : User admin password admin or 1234

Jazztel : User admin password admin

GTD : User admin password gtd_m4n.

CLEAR : User admin password Tu64 $ TEL

VTR : User admin password password

Eltel : User admin password admin // User admin password c1 @ r0

Pepephone : User admin password admin // User 1234 password 1234

Orange : User admin password admin

Masmovil : User masmovil password masmovil // User user password user

Yoigo : User 1234 password 1234

Amena : User admin password admin

Symio : User admin password admin

Iusacell : User root password admin

Avantel : User (empty) password (empty)

Virgin Mobile : User admin password changeme // For Hub 3.0 unknown (comes in a label on the router itself).

Entel : User admin password admin

Kolbi : Customer user password customer

Tigo : In the case of Tigo, the company has different passwords (see table) depending on the router model.

usaurio y contraseñas de acceso para router tigo marca motorola thompson netgear technicolor arris hiltron
Source: Tigo official help website

All these access passwords are popular and can be openly consulted from the respective technical support forums made available to users by Internet service providers.

For example, if you want to enter your Jazztel router but the password that you just consulted a moment ago has not worked for you, it is possible that your specific router model has another standard password established by the company. Contact them through their forum or call by phone and they will surely give you a hand.

Still unable to enter? Check the wiring and consult with your operator

If after all these tips you still cannot access your router, it is possible that the router is damaged or poorly connected. Check the wiring and make sure the router is turned on. In case of continuing the same, contact your Internet provider , the router may be damaged and they will have to replace it with a new one.

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